The wheels of work are finally gaining momentum again and all economic indicators point to a roar back for the economy. That’s great news, of course. But don’t be fooled by the word “back” — this is not a rewind. We’re entering into a new landscape for workers and employers, with an entirely new set of expectations

The effects of COVID-19 have set the stage for workers to demand more from their employers. Available roles are increasing, their complexity is increasing, and top talent is highly sought after. And with more employment options come rising salaries, more benefits, remote opportunities, and the promise of a more enriching culture and experience. It’s becoming clear to employers that growing your team and prioritizing retention is an investment in the future of your business. 

The bar for HR is set higher than ever before. 

This is where Gusto comes in. To meet the needs of the modern workforce, growth-minded businesses need a scalable HR system that provides data-backed guidance, competitive compensation tools, and expert team management resources. We’ve been busy building and improving so we can provide businesses like yours with exactly that.

Tools for hiring in a competitive talent market

For growing companies, hiring is top priority — and the better an employee’s interview experience, the more likely they are to accept an offer and recommend your company to others. That’s why Gusto’s added tools and integrations to help you make a great first impression, create an engaging interview experience, and set new hires up for success from their very first day.

NEW! Gusto Hiring

Create and manage job postings, post them publicly and collect responses from your interview team. When you’re ready to move forward with a candidate, send out a customized offer letter and automatically add your new hires to payroll. Easy.

NEW! Hiring integrations

Gusto integrates with leading recruiting and applicant tracking software so you can combine workflows, transfer data instantly, and save a lot of time.

Onboarding checklists 

Custom onboarding checklists help you get new employees up to speed quickly so they can start adding value right away. We’ll include must-haves, but you can also add your own items and even delegate tasks. It’s a simpler way to get the right forms signed, set up benefits, and more. 

Document storage 

Share documents, request electronic signatures for employee handbooks, and keep records of any forms you choose, all signed and stored online. With one system of record, you can stop hunting down paperwork and stressing over keeping everything organized and up to date. 

Team building

Send new hires a digital card with personalized notes from their team, plus a company org chart, and employee directory so they feel welcomed and included, even if they’re remote.

Remote-friendly payroll and compliance capabilities

Remote work isn’t going away. Companies that want to stay competitive and retain talent will have to embrace a ‘multimodal work experience’ — a combination of remote, in-person, and hybrid employees. This flexibility may also come in the form of contractors from around the world. Fortunately, Gusto has developed critical tools to help businesses adapt while staying on top of compliance. 

NEW! Tax registration in all 50 states

Team members moving? Want to hire someone from out of town? Now companies can register across state lines quickly and efficiently. We handle the paperwork with state and local agencies so businesses can start paying their employees quickly and focus on growing their businesses.

NEW! Contractor payments in 80+ countries

Start scaling your team in new ways. Eligible businesses can now make cross-border payments in more than 80 countries. And in some cases, deposits can hit your contractors’ accounts as early as the next day.

NEW! Mobile time tracking and geolocation

Employees can clock in and out right from their Gusto Wallet mobile app. Once their manager approves, hours sync seamlessly into payroll. And with Gusto’s new geolocation functionality, you can set approved locations where employees can clock in and out to more accurately track hours.

Building a rewarding and engaging work culture

Employee engagement is all about connecting an individual’s day-to-day work to something larger. Performance management that facilitates meaningful feedback and development conversations results in employee retention. Gusto created talent management tools to help support fairness, honesty, and a culture where employees feel valued and supported.

NEW! Performance reviews

You can kick off your company’s performance management practice in just a few clicks. Set up reviews, track progress, easily capture feedback, and facilitate meaningful feedback conversations all in Gusto. Whether you’re an admin, manager or employee, Gusto helps you create a thoughtful feedback culture that challenges and engages your talented team.

Team insights

Send anonymous monthly surveys to gauge employees’ experience and satisfaction, notice patterns, and identify teams who need some extra support. Gusto even provides best-practice question templates so you can confidently hone in on the insights you need. 

NEW! Performance integrations 

Some businesses might require functionality like team OKRs or weekly check-ins. Gusto integrates with top performance management software to meet the evolving development needs of fast-growing companies.

Celebration reminders

The relationship an employee has with their direct manager is the most important determinant of job satisfaction. Make sure managers never miss a birthday or work anniversary with reminders that integrate into managers’ Google calendars. You can even customize special company holidays, and more.

Data and insights so you don’t miss critical opportunities

With Gusto, you don’t just get to collect great data about employee sentiment, company operations, and industry patterns — you get actionable recommendations based on those insights. You can even integrate your Gusto account with tax analysis software to analyze payroll data and cash in on credits you may have otherwise missed.

NEW! Ardius R&D tax credits

Ardius, a Gusto company, can automatically scan your payroll and expense data each tax year to help identify qualifying research-related expenses and potential federal and state R&D tax credits. That’s real money you can reinvest in your business and team.

NEW! Support for tax credit applications

Gusto has built increased support for businesses applying to receive Work Opportunity Tax Credits and Employee Retention Credits. These programs help reward and recognize businesses who consistently put employees first.

Custom report builder

With custom reporting, you can easily create custom report templates using any employee or payroll information in Gusto. Save templates for future use and export data at any time for more in-depth analysis.

Project workforce costs

Once project-based employees report their hours, you can process payroll and run detailed labor cost reports all in one place. Plus, you can use job codes to track and compare pay rates for different projects. These labor costs also sync with Quickbooks Online, Xero, and Sage. 

Effortless software syncing and workflow management

In HR, efficiency is the name of the game. But when you’re managing it all, constantly toggling between different tabs and software can be exhausting. With Gusto, you’ll have smart integrations that let you and relevant managers at your company see the full picture, all in one place.

NEW! Integrations

Gusto’s ecosystem of 100+ integrations make it easy to sync your favorite software directly with Gusto. From applicant tracking systems to performance management services, accounting systems, and more — feel confident knowing your data is up to date.

Admin permissions

Delegate your workload by setting up permissions for individual admins. You decide what parts of Gusto they can access, like payroll, HR, benefits, IT, or finances. Plus, you can give limited access to managers so they can update details about their employees.

Calendar sync

Add PTO requests to your calendar, so you know who will be out on specific days and can staff or plan accordingly.

Automated payroll features and benefits that fit your team’s needs

A regular paycheck isn’t enough anymore. Employees expect (and need) flexible access to both traditional and unconventional benefits that fit their lifestyles. With Gusto’s reliable tools and customizations, you can ensure your team’s payroll and benefits offerings fully support and scale with your growing team.

NEW! Broker integration

Have benefits already? In most cases, we can integrate your existing broker and eligible health plans. When you add benefits to Gusto, you and your broker can manage HR and benefits all in one place. 

Unlimited payroll

Run your payroll in minutes, as often as you need each month. In fact, Gusto customers say it takes an average of just 13 minutes to run payroll. You can even set it on AutoPilot so your payroll runs itself.

Built-in calculations

Time tracking, PTO policies, time off requests, workforce costing, health insurance, 401(k), workers’ comp — all of your calculations are automated and updated in your payroll so you can avoid the manual stuff. Gusto even helps you stay on top of changing tax laws. 

Automatic tax filings

We don’t just calculate your taxes, we file them with the right government agencies (both federal and state) every time you run payroll. Other providers charge for this — with Gusto, it’s all included.

Health and financial benefits

In today’s market, employees expect a benefits package. With Gusto, you have a variety of health and financial benefits options to support your team into the future — medical, vision, dental, health and dependent care FSAs, HSAs, 401(k), 529 college savings, life insurance, commuter benefits and more. Plus, free money management tools with the Gusto Wallet app.

Benefits administration

Gusto’s benefits administration tool helps you manage benefits confidently, with notifications to stay on top of deadlines, guidance to keep you up to date with underwriting requirements, regulations, and changes in state and federal government guidance. You’ll have support with ACA reporting, IRS Section 125 documentation, and COBRA administration all at no extra cost.

Thoughtful, opinionated guidance through every twist and turn

Gusto is a partner you can rely on, especially when the unexpected happens. We help with compliance and enable you to stay on top of fast-changing laws and regulations. Plus, Gusto offers dedicated support so you can get answers, explanations, and advice from someone who knows you, your business, and your team.

NEW! Dedicated support contact

Select Plan businesses with more than 25 employees can rely on one point of contact for all of their support needs — someone they trust who knows them and their business. Plus, we offer step-by-step help as you complete the setup process and get familiar with all your new features.

COVID-19 resources

We supported thousands of businesses as they navigated the Coronavirus. Gusto provided automated reports for PPP applications, employer tax deferral notifications, FMLA support and ERC assistance, plus collected up-to-date news and resources for employers to reference at any time. 

Employee benefits support

You shouldn’t have to be a benefits expert to support your team. When employees have questions about benefits, they can contact Gusto instead of coming to you.

Expert support from certified HR professionals

Employers with our Concierge or Select Plans have direct access to SHRM and HRCI-certified HR experts to answer tricky questions. They’ll also get alerts when laws change to help them stay on top of compliance and avoid fines. And to help protect their teams and culture, they can tap into an extensive HR resources center with tons of policy templates, guides, handbook builders, and much more.

Unlimited support access

Have a question? Need help? Any business can reach out to our friendly and experienced team members by phone, email, or online chat. 

Engaging and taking care of your employees has never been more important than it is today. After all, people are the foundation of any successful business. In this new era of modern work, supporting your team isn’t just the right thing to do — it’s essential to building a thriving business. 

Louisa Henry Louisa is Gusto’s Head of Product for mid-market businesses. Focused on Gusto’s HR platform product, Louisa is responsible for developing the tools growing businesses need to better support their teams, and ensuring they work together in one integrated system of record.
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