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Gusto Next is a live, interactive event, uniting industry experts from across the country. On July 30th, the Gusto team took to Zoom to discuss the future of the accounting industry and to unveil tools that revolutionize the way accountants advise clients. 

If you prefer to watch the video, click here. Or read on to learn about the benefits of using the Gusto Pro Dashboard

This article features Leah Brite who leads Product Marketing for Partners here at Gusto. Leah has worked in the tech industry for over 10 years and decided to join Gusto to have a greater impact on small businesses. We’re so fortunate to have her on our team.

One thing you should know about Leah is that she loves things to be fast. And who doesn’t? When we’re fast at what we do, we get more done and have more time to invest in things that are important to us. As someone who craves speed and efficiency, Leah Brite is a huge advocate for the Gusto Pro Dashboard because it creates time and space for priorities that truly matter at work. As accountants, we need a platform that allows us to complete tasks in bulk and navigate through data with ease — that’s why we created the Gusto Pro Dashboard. 

Many of you are trying to grow your accounting firms, and you need time to focus on that growth while also investing in the growth of your clients. In order to do both at the same time, you need a partner to invest in your growth alongside you, giving you the tools to succeed. 

While People Advisory represents a brighter future we have together, we don’t want you [to] think for a second we’re not also devoted to improving our core product for you — Gusto Pro.

Leah Brite

Let’s dive into the many ways Gusto Pro is investing in your growth! 

Gusto Pro is more than a portal

Gusto is much more than a simple portal to your clients’ accounts. Constructed on a strong tech platform, Gusto Pro is fast, efficient, and seamless — letting you work quickly and accomplish more in less time. 

Using action items, it’s easy to see what tasks you need to complete across your entire client base in a single view. No longer will you have to flip through tabs to find the information you need — it’s all laid out for you. 

You’re seeing everything, from which clients have blocked payrolls to how to offer timely and specific advice to food and bev[erage] clients impacted by closures. With the recently introduced upcoming payroll section, you’re previewing your payroll tasks and better planning your time.

Leah Brite
Carton lap top with a check mark in the middle of the screen

Using your client list, you’ll be able to make top actions on behalf of your clients fast and easy. And since Gusto plays nice with your favorite software, you can install other app integrations for accounting, time tracking, point of sale, and beyond — keeping you at the top of your game. And with our recently released partner-billed invoice report, you’re able to generate an invoice across all your partner-billed clients for the month, which saves you the painstaking process of accessing each client’s bill and pasting it into your own spreadsheet. 

With another bulk report, partners generated a single consolidated report that contained all the necessary client information to apply for relief under the Paycheck Protection Program in just a few seconds.

Leah Brite

As you can see, Gusto Pro is much, much more than a portal to your clients’ accounts. And not only does Gusto Pro provide you with valuable resources, but it also helps you save time. 

Why Gusto wants to save you time

It’s simple really — we want to save you time because we want you to have time to prioritize people.

The COVID-19 pandemic has devastated small businesses across the globe, and the work that you are doing for your clients right now matters deeply. Employees aren’t numbers. They are people with loved ones to feed and provide for. They are people who need health insurance — especially during a global pandemic. Thankfully, the Payroll Protection Plan, EIDL, and the CARES Act have all provided aid; however, there is still much work to be done. 

I love that we’re investing time to save you time — saving you time so you can make time for conversations that matter. And we’re also making it easier than ever to have those conversations by serving you data-driven insights that’ll let you know when it’s the right time to engage with a client. You’re using these customized alerts to give clients the proactive, personalized, strategic advice that they need — advice on how to stay resilient during hard times, advice on finding and keeping people that will help small businesses rebuild through and after a global pandemic.

Leah Brite

No longer will you be bogged down by slow, painstaking systems that make your work a pain rather than a joy. With Gusto Pro, you’ll be working at your full potential at a faster pace, making a greater impact in the process.

Gusto’s new Advisory Hub

Recently, we announced the launch of our new People Advisory Program — a certification course designed to teach you the fundamentals of people operations and advise clients on best practices for their people. 

As a Gusto Pro member, you’ll be able to access the Advisory Hub, a one-stop-shop for resources that’ll help you put theory into practice. Using this resource, you’ll be able to make well-informed decisions and advise your clients wisely — no matter what circumstances they’re facing. 

Exclusively available to Gusto Pro partners, the Advisory Hub can be easily accessed through Gusto Pro — it’s located directly below the Gusto Learn tile.  

[The Advisory Hub hosts] playbooks, toolkits, blogs, and podcasts that you’ll use to implement People Advisory at your firm with best practices in mind. You’ll see guides on how to offer and charge for people advisory services, giving you new ways to provide value to small businesses and create sustainable revenue streams.

Leah Brite

At Gusto, we’re committed to giving you the resources you need to succeed. But why stop with the Advisory Hub? Lastly, let’s discuss the Gusto Partner Co-Marketing Toolkit.

Gusto’s Partner Co-marketing Toolkit and recommendation system 

In the Advisory Hub, Gusto Pro members will also find a Co-Marketing Toolkit, designed to help you better market your firm. Using the toolkit, you’ll get clear on your clients’ business goals and how you can serve them best in partnership with Gusto. As a people-orientated accountant, you’re already putting your clients at the center of your business. Co-marketing uses that strength to your advantage, drawing more clients to your firm.

But don’t feel like you’re alone in marketing your firm — Gusto is here to help! 

“We are now marketing our partners’ practices to our small business customers that are not currently working with an accountant or bookkeeper. We developed a new, algorithmically driven recommendation engine that will continue to improve over time. It leverages data from our customers and partners to create tailored matches, and the more clients you have on Gusto, the more likely you’ll be recommended.”

Leah Brite

Since accountants and bookkeepers have an incredibly positive impact on the clients they serve, we see this as a win-win. You build resiliency as you grow your firm while we market your services to help small businesses thrive by taking your advice — advice that is critical now more than ever. 

Get started with Gusto Pro today

Whether you’ve been working with Gusto for years or just learned about us, you can count on Gusto to empower you to serve small business clients and their teams via Gusto Pro. Gusto Pro is a people-platform that provides heaps of employee benefit options. From Concierge Services where you get personal support to certified HR experts, these tools and experiences help you provide on-point advice to clients.

With Gusto Pro, Gusto accounting partners can manage client accounts and access strategic advising support all in one place. Using our fast and effective system, you’ll also be able to make time for conversations that matter.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, several small businesses have suffered. Many businesses are struggling to adapt their business models. Some businesses no longer can offer health insurance for their employees. Others have had to lay off employees altogether. Employer and employee wellbeing is at stake. 

As a people-orientated accountant, you want to help make the best decisions for your clients’ companies and employees during these unprecedented times (and for whatever the future may hold). Using the Gusto Pro Dashboard, you’ll be empowered to accomplish tasks faster, work more efficiently, and make time for important conversations regarding the most important part of a business — the people.

Gusto is committed to being your partner in this journey and providing you with the education, tools, and tech you need to step deeper into your role as a holistic business advisor and accountant. If you have any further questions about the program, don’t hesitate to comment below or contact us today

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