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Introduction to People Advisory Powered by Gusto

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People Advisory Services

Do you want to learn essential people-based advisory services and gain access to a team of experts that can help your clients, especially when they need it the most? 

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced numerous small businesses to close, and as an accountant, you can guide your clients through the pandemic and beyond by offering People Advisory services. 

Gusto, along with our partners at CPA Academy, hosted a great webinar about the importance of People Advisory on August 26, 2020, titled “Introduction to People Advisory Powered by Gusto.” You can watch the full webinar here

In addition to this article, Part Two, we also feature Part One and Part Three of this webinar series. Part One covers Gusto’s mission and values, and Part Three is a helpful guide that addresses frequently asked questions regarding People Advisory and Gusto. 

In this part, you’re going to learn all about People Advisory services from Jaclyn Anku, contributing author and Partner Education Manager at Gusto. Jaclyn will teach you all about how People Advisory can help your clients, the scope of Gusto’s People Advisory services, and the benefits of Gusto Pro. This article features a great deal of information that will help you serve your clients, so let’s get started!

How Gusto’s People Advisory services can help you advise your clients

Gusto’s People Advisory program is a new form of consulting service designed to help businesses and their teams. Our partnered People Advisors combine their financial expertise with people-centered consulting services that will help you serve your clients’ unique needs. Through our People Advisory services, you’ll also have the ability to outsource and automate tasks so you can spend more time advising your clients:

“People Advisory as a service establishes a foundation where clients can outsource their compliance tasks like payroll processing, tax filings, and payments. And in return, it gives accountants the platform you need to provide that strategic advice, insights, and added value as the trusted professional you are.”

Jaclyn Anku

As accountants, you are so much more to clients than financial bookkeepers and analysts. You’re an invaluable asset to your clients, and when you outsource menial tasks, you’ll have more time to serve client needs. 

A key component of our People Advisory program is addressing the needs of your clients’ employees. The foundational belief of our company is that people are the heart of every business — businesses succeed when they meet the needs of their humans: 

“Businesses are more likely to succeed when they empower their employees because those employees are in turn more likely to stay around for the long haul. I think we all know this intuitively, and now we have studies that show us that employee satisfaction is what really drives business results. … Your small business clients are facing near impossible dilemmas. COVID has forced them to make decisions that affect the survival of their business and their teams.”

Jaclyn Anku
People Advisory Certification

Employee satisfaction is crucial for small businesses. Small businesses need advisors now more than ever, and you can provide helpful people-centered consulting services to guide your clients as they figure out what’s best for their business and employees. Accounting firms need to accept that advisory services are becoming the new normal, and they can profit generously by embracing People Advisory services. 

Gusto’s People Advisory services scope

When you use Gusto’s People Advisory services, you’ll help your clients grow their businesses, and you’ll also benefit their employees.  

So, how does Gusto’s People Advisory work? 

“People Advisory starts with payroll, [and] extends into benefits and comes full circle with people operations. Through payroll, People Advisors can help clients protect their businesses and teams, realize workflow efficiencies and strengthen the employee-employer relationship. While pay is foundational, of course, benefits are equally important. Employer-provided benefits ensure that a team is cared for and plays a critical role in helping small business owners attract, develop, and retain talent.”

Jaclyn Anku

Our People Advisory services assist businesses by providing full-service payroll. From there, we create a strategy to help optimize business workflows and offer benefits to employees. 

With Gusto, you’ll gain access to a team of experts that will help serve your clients’ individual needs: 

“When People Advisory is powered by Gusto, you can work with our team of certified payroll professionals, licensed benefits advisors, [and] access to  human resource experts to help clients stay compliant. … People Advisory is a team effort with you delivering insight based on your unique knowledge of a given client and pairing that with Gusto’s people platform to provide a full-service solution.”

Jaclyn Anku

Gusto’s People Advisory services provide a holistic foundation for advising your clients. You’ll gain expert knowledge on various people-based services through our People Advisory Certification program. Often, accountants feel uncomfortable giving consulting advice, but with our certification program, you’ll learn how to start advising your clients effectively:

“People Advisory Certification will help you … combine financial insight with knowledge of people operations … and what people operations best practice is. By becoming People Advisor certified, you’ll build expertise on payroll, benefits, and HR so that you’ll feel confident that your clients and their employees are taken care of. You’ll also become an expert on Gusto’s people platform. You and your team can help clients discover features that will save them time and also strengthen their relationship with employees.”

Jaclyn Anku

When you earn the People Advisory Certification, you’ll gain the ability to serve your clients’ people-based needs, and you’ll have the opportunity to create another revenue stream. 

What does Gusto Pro include? 

When accountants join our partnership program, they immediately gain access to Gusto Pro, a key feature that will help you serve your clients through effective workflows and automation. 

“Gusto Pro was designed to help you seamlessly navigate our people platforms and really to do more in less time so that you can focus on doing what matters– like advising clients. … We want to save you time because we want you to be able to prioritize people. The work that so many accountants are doing on behalf of your clients right now matters deeply.”

Jaclyn Anku
People Advisory Certification
Gusto Tech Stack Icons which includes Gusto, Jirav and Practice Ignition

Using Gusto Pro will save you time, so you can focus on helping your clients. Gusto Pro includes a time-saving client dashboard and Advisory Hub that will help you keep track of your partnership program and your clients. 

“You can manage all of your clients on Gusto and access partner program benefits as well. By clicking on the Gusto Learn tile, you’ll be taken to our new home for partner education, training, and resources. … We’ve also developed an Advisory Hub. It hosts toolkits, blogs, and podcasts that you can use to implement People Advisory at your firm with best practice in mind.”

Jaclyn Anku

Gusto Pro also now includes our People Advisory Playbook written by Will Lopez, the Head of the Accountant Community at Gusto. The e-book is an invaluable resource for handling change management at your firm. 

Gusto also enables you to generate consolidated reports for your clients instantly, so they can apply for much-needed relief and loan programs like the Paycheck Protection Program.

In addition to including a seamless workflow and guide to improve your firm, Gusto Pro integrates helpful software to maximize your efficiency

“Gusto also integrates with other apps, which combine perfectly with more efficient payroll and compliance tools. Everything from accounting to time-tracking, to the point of sale, and more. And last, but certainly not least, you can use bulk actions in bulk reports to download information across your entire client base in just a few clicks.”

Jaclyn Anku

Gusto Pro’s integrated software includes Jirav, Practice Ignition, Xero, QuickBooks Online, and many more. When you use Jirav through Gusto, you can create key performance indicators (KPIs) that include both financial performance and employee wellbeing: 

“You can quickly develop, monitor, and communicate a suite of trackable key performance indicators that are specific to people planning. And these people planning KPIs go beyond your traditional approach to financial statements with analyzing workforce costs to give you a closer view of how employee morale is affecting both top and bottom-line results.”

Jaclyn Anku

Employee morale plays a crucial role in the success of your client’s business. You need to help your clients improve their financial performance and the quality of their workplace. Creating high-quality KPIs through Gusto will make the process seamless. 

Learn more about People Advisory powered by Gusto

If you want to learn more about People Advisory, read Part Three of in this series. Part Three dives deep into discussing frequently asked questions about people advisory, so you can get started advising your clients today. You can also watch the full webinar here

When you join Gusto’s People Advisory program, you gain access to key resources for helping your clients and growing your firm. You’ll gain access to People Advisory Certification so you can advise your clients on various people-based topics like payroll, benefits, and HR. You’ll also join a network of experts to provide your clients with a full-service solution. Additionally, you’ll immediately be able to use Gusto Pro and all of its workflow and software benefits. If you’re interested in learning even more about Gusto’s People Advisory program and how it benefits our accounting partners, click here

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