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Tools to Maximize Efficiency at End of Year

Leah Brite Product Marketing, Accountants 

As an accountant, you’ve got enough to keep you busy at end of year. As if everything from account reconciliation to prepping clients’ financial reports did keep you occupied enough, you’ve now got to worry about whether your holiday gifts will arrive on-time if you order them now — and it’s not even Thanksgiving yet! Knowing that you’ve got a lot on your plate, we wanted to make at least part of your end of year easy. In addition to rolling out a dozen new features that help you and your clients hire in a competitive talent market, support remote workplaces, build a rewarding culture, and create efficiency through automation and software integrations, we’ve built a host of new tools with accountants specifically in mind. 

Build a profitable People Advisory practice

Curious to hear about how Gusto has combined enhanced visibility with advanced permissions to create your most efficient end of year yet? Read on my friend. 

Features exclusively available in Gusto Pro

Elevated permissions that let you fly fast

We’ve built Gusto’s platform to be easy for anyone to use. But you’re an expert, and you need accountant only tools so you can do more across all your clients in less time. 

  • Manually adjust S-Corp benefits contributions, directly from the client list drop down. Available now through the first week of January. Learn more
  • Check out existing company tax exemptions on the client detail page. Soon, you’ll be able to edit exemptions yourself. Stay tuned!

Save time at end of year by taking action across clients

As tax season approaches, we implemented bulk tools to save you time.

  • Use the bulk tax package to download tax forms for all of your clients in just one click. In addition to the quarterly forms, this package includes annual documents like the 940 and 944. 
  • Use the 1099 and W2 report to download the most critical end of year client forms at one time. Each client has a separate folder in the zip file for easy organization.
  • Ensure clients have a smooth transition to 2022 using our end of year calendar. It includes the critical dates to keep you on track.  

Features both you and your clients can use

Enhanced status visibility to keep you in the know and on track

When you get into focus mode, you don’t want to have to hunt and peck for the status of your to-dos to take the next step. We’ve given you more visibility so you can keep your projects moving. 

  • See forms and filing status in the new Tax Documents tab of your clients’ accounts. You and your clients get peace of mind, knowing that Gusto has paid and filed payroll taxes accurately and on time. Learn more.
  • Get more clarity on notices. You and your clients can now get more guidance to manage informational notices. You can also easily report a notice to Gusto by searching “report a notice” on the Help tab. Learn more

A more streamlined and powerful help experience

To ensure you and your clients complete your work in record time, we’ve created a new help page to get you answers to your burning questions fast. 

  • Use a new search bar to dynamically populate quick actions based on keywords. 
  • Results then deep link to the exact location in the platform where you can take your desired action. This means fewer minutes following long, complex instructions to find the page you need. 
  • Better curated help content gives you more in-depth guidance. We’ve reconstructed our help center from the ground up to make it more searchable and easier to find the answer you need within an article using a new topic based, accordion style format. 

Move clients to Gusto with ease and get rewarded

It’s never been easier, or more rewarding, to bring over your clients to Gusto. 

  • A new spreadsheet format makes it faster to add clients in bulk. Rather than entering clients one-by-one, you can enter details for all your clients at once through a table format, saving time.
  • An improved client transfer process gets you from start to finish faster. The new streamlined process uses a more detailed checklist that takes the guesswork out of information gathering. You’ll also have more visibility into the transfer status. Bonus – if you are bringing over 5+ clients, each with 10+ employees, we’ll handle the migration for you with our whiteglove service.
  • And the best news? Now through January 31, you can earn up to $10,000 when you bring your clients to Gusto. Log into Gusto Pro to see how much you can earn. Not yet a Gusto Partner? Join here!

Learn how to price, package, and sell with the People Advisory Accelerator 

We just launched an accelerator program to help you launch people advisory at your firm. Get step-by-step guidance and access to:

  • Pre-designed People Advisory Packages 
  • A staffing guide so you can identify team leads 
  • Pricing made simple through a ready-made calculator 
  • Marketing and sales guides, including a pre-built People Advisory web page 

Learn more about the Accelerator. And if you are still thirsty for more, check out our all new tech stack to support People Advisory.

Need help? We’re at the ready. Go to the Help tab in Gusto Pro to see your options for getting in touch. 

Updated: December 16, 2021

Leah Brite
Leah Brite Leah leads Product Marketing for the Accountants Program at Gusto. With a passion for telling compelling stories about well-designed products, Leah has built her career helping tech companies put the voice of the customer front and center. On the weekends, you can find her reading, crafting, playing at the playground, and teaching her kids to garden with a Colorado craft brew in hand.
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