As the shelter-in-place orders advanced in reaction to COVID-19, the world changed for small businesses across America. Business owners are now in survival mode, making tough calls about saving their businesses and protecting their teams, and more than 7 million worry they may not open again.

As trusted advisors, accountants are rolling up their sleeves to help, and at Gusto, we want to do our part. That’s why we built a redesigned partner dashboard for you. It’s called Gusto Pro, and it offers data-driven recommendations about how you can advise clients who need help, along with features designed to let you work faster and more accurately. Here are a few of the high-impact features now included with Gusto Pro – to see them for yourself, just log into Gusto

Critical advice at the right time

In a shifting business environment, timing is everything. Small businesses are making decisions about adapting their business models, cutting costs, and furloughing or laying off staff. Gusto Pro offers information and tools you need to give the right advice at the right time. 

For example, Gusto Pro alerts you about clients who have recently laid off staff. At the same time, it suggests alternative strategies for managing cash flow and ways to access government relief to help protect hard-working teams. With these resources, written by legal and HR experts at Gusto, you can make specific, proactive recommendations.

Gusto Pro also offers special guidance for businesses in the hardest-hit industries. For instance, it highlights food and beverage clients in your book of business, and recommends ways to analyze their cash flow needs, identify creative new revenue streams, and make a plan for employees. 

When accountants offer the right services at the right time, clients are more likely to view them as trusted advisors – professionals they need to stay resilient. That’s why we’re committed to giving you the tools you need to meet your clients’ advisory needs now. 

Efficiency & focus

To give you time to focus on strategic advising, Gusto Pro offers time-saving tools.     

We redesigned the client list so you can view key information without having to click – like employee count, location, entity type, Gusto plan, and outstanding action items. This can help you speed up monthly reconciliations, quickly determine which state’s regulations apply to which clients, and assess which businesses need your attention.

To help you plan ahead and make the most of your time, Gusto Pro has an expanded section that previews upcoming payrolls and tells you the deadline for running each one. Another section highlights recent missed payrolls, so you can keep clients on track and help avoid time-consuming compliance issues. 

Work with Gusto Pro

Helping small businesses takes teamwork: We built Gusto Pro after connecting with accountants from across the country to hear their insights, and are committed to improving the product with feedback from you. 

What information do you need to advise clients more effectively? What work can we take off your plate so you can focus on conversations that matter? Share your ideas on Gusto Pro — just tap ‘Submit an Idea’ —- and our product team will review your input.

This release of Gusto Pro is just the beginning – over the next few months, you’ll be hearing more about what we’re building, writing, and designing to empower accountants and bookkeeping professionals like you. Together, we’re helping small businesses get back on their feet. 

Get more details about Gusto’s Pro’s tools and features.

Leah Brite Leah leads Product Marketing for the Accountants Program at Gusto. With a passion for telling compelling stories about well-designed products, Leah has built her career helping tech companies put the voice of the customer front and center. On the weekends, you can find her reading, crafting, playing at the playground, and teaching her kids to garden with a Colorado craft brew in hand.
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