I’m very happy to announce that Mike Tria has joined Gusto as our Chief Technology Officer. 

Mike has a strong track record of building balanced, innovative teams that enable companies to scale and expand the impact they deliver. He is joining us at an exciting time as we increase the capabilities of Gusto’s people platform, advance our embedded fintech offerings, and hit new milestones—both in terms of the number of customers we serve and the amount of payroll we process. 

Leveling the Playing Field for Entrepreneurs 

Mike comes to us from Atlassian where he scaled the platform team from less than 100 to thousands worldwide. The engineering teams he led ran the underpinnings of Atlassian’s cloud products including JIRA, which is used by millions of businesses big and small. He’s passionate about high-quality engineering, helping small businesses, and building balanced teams. Not only will Mike continue to evolve our engineering craft, he’ll execute on our product roadmap, and broaden the features and functionality of Gusto’s people platform to an ever-increasing number of growing businesses. We’re thrilled to add Mike’s expertise to Gusto as we continue to build a world class engineering org to serve the small businesses on our platform. 

So many Gusties (myself included) have strong connections to small businesses. Mike is no exception. We both spent our childhoods watching our parents build businesses from scratch. For me, it was spending my after school hours doing homework in the back office of the medical practice my parents owned in Southern California. For Mike, it was doing plumbing and electrical house calls. But a shared love of small business isn’t the only thing we have in common. We both geek out on the craft of software engineering, enjoy discussing the complexities of payroll, and sharing examples of what good software should feel like. I came to find out Mike wrote software to do his own taxes more than a decade ago! And he updates it every year once he gets a glance at the latest changes in the tax code. If that’s not a Gustie in the making, I don’t know what is! 

Scaling Software Solutions for Small Businesses 

Gusto is more than a tool businesses use. We’re an advocate and an advisor they trust. We exist to level the playing field and unlock opportunities for entrepreneurs. And we’re always working to address the most important challenges that employers and HR teams face. Hundreds of thousands of businesses use Gusto’s people platform to hire, pay, insure, and support their teams—from modern payroll and benefits to global hiring offerings to financial health services and expert HR advice. 

Mike is joining Gusto in a year of significant growth and innovation. Gusto has processed more than two-thirds of a trillion dollars in payroll for hundreds of thousands of employers across the U.S. We hit a new milestone of serving 300,000+ businesses nationwide. We announced a new embedded fintech partnership with Chase Payments solutions to power payroll for its many small business customers. We teamed up with Remote to enable small businesses to pay employees across the world. And we’re exploring new ways to tap AI to make entrepreneurs’ lives easier—from the prevention and faster resolution of tax notices to generating job posts. 

I’m thrilled to have Mike at the helm of our engineering org during this next stage of Gusto’s growth. And I’m very proud of our teams here at Gusto, what we’re building, and the impact we’ll continue to deliver. 

Edward Kim 

Gusto co-founder and Head of Technology 

Edward Kim Edward Kim is the co-founder and chief technology officer of Gusto. He is responsible for the software development and technical framework of Gusto’s people platform. He has also committed his career to building diverse and inclusive engineering teams.
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