Your Talent Pool Just Got a Lot Bigger: Gusto and Remote Launch Global Employment and Compliance Solution for Small and Medium Businesses

Tomer LondonCo-Founder & CPO, Gusto

Work looks different than ever before. As more businesses go remote, they’ve had to learn to collaborate across different tools, time zones, and cultures. Remote hiring allows you to tap into talent from around the world, but it can be incredibly complex—especially when it comes to compliance. 

You need to navigate regulatory and tax requirements, which differ from country to country. Paying international employees is actually the easy part. The hard part? Paying international employees the right way, with strong compliance — and without cutting corners. 

That’s why today, Gusto and Remote are teaming up to help make hiring around the world easier and faster, while reducing risk for entrepreneurs and growing businesses. Introducing Gusto Global powered by Remote, which will allow customers to pay employees all around the world, quickly and compliantly. 

That means domain expertise in the U.S. and international payroll in ONE solution – with localized guidance and expertise in each country that isn’t outsourced to third-parties. Gusto Global is an Employer of Record (EOR solution) that helps you employ the best people around the world, with peace of mind knowing you’ve done it the right way.

Why is it critical for growing businesses to hire international employees, without cutting corners?

Large corporations may have the resources to handle global compliance, but growing businesses have needed to figure it out on their own. Other providers claiming to deliver global payroll outsource their work to multiple third parties with less localized compliance expertise and visibility into their operations.

Because of the outsourcing to third parties, other solutions also lack the ability to provide critical features, such as equity compensation that is executed based on local requirements and done compliantly. 

This “move fast and break things” mentality sounds great – until you run afoul of laws in another country. Penalties can range from hefty fines to no longer being able to operate in that country, and in some cases, can even result in jail time. 

For example, in Canada, fines for misclassifying employees as contractors can range between $50,000 to $500,000. In Australia, similar violations can cost $80,000 each. And in Thailand, failing to register an employee with local social security coverage can result in a six-month imprisonment for you as their employer. 

To put it simply, you can’t afford to get compliance wrong—but you can afford Gusto so you get it right. The buck stops with your business. Gusto Global allows you to hire full-time employees around the world without cutting compliance corners. With Gusto Global, you can soon:

  • Hire, pay, and manage talent in our all-in-one platform
    You or your admins can log into Gusto to quickly run payroll for your whole team, whether they’re in the US or overseas, contract or full-time. With one platform to keep your finances running smoothly, you get the freedom to focus on growing your business – instead of spending time managing unconnected systems and tools.

  • Take care of your international team with health insurance and retirement benefits
    Give your international employees peace of mind by providing health insurance options like medical, dental, and vision administration. And help them take care of their financial health by offering retirement benefits to help them plan for their futures.

  • Handle the day-to-day, hassle-free, with tools designed to support your team
    You can use the same tools to support your people, giving all employees a positive, equitable experience no matter where they’re located. These tools include:
    • Time off tracking — View time-off balances, as well as review and approve employee time-off requests.
    • Expenses – Streamline expense reimbursement via payroll, so your employees get reimbursed accurately and on-time.
    • Reporting – Get a comprehensive view of all your team members, including international employees, and review all international payrolls as part of your payroll history in Gusto. You can also check individual paystubs.
    • Customizable onboarding checklists – Get new employees up to speed quickly by getting the right forms signed, setting up benefits, and more. Gusto includes must-haves tasks, but you can also customize your own items and delegate as needed. 
    • Org charts – Organize your team into departments and set up an easy-to-use org chart. It’s your one system of record. Employees also get access to learn about your company and get to know their team.

  • Get peace of mind with compliance
    With Gusto Global, you’ll be able to leverage Remote’s industry-leading global infrastructure to ensure compliance with local tax, HR and payroll requirements. Their job? To protect you from risk, as an extension of your team, in every country you hire in.

  • Protect critical intellectual property
    The approach you use to protect your intellectual property and invention rights in one country may not work in another. Through Gusto Global, Remote IP Guard offers the strongest protections in the industry, with an ironclad two-step transfer process that helps protect you from major legal and financial headaches down the road. 
Add a team member in Gusto Global, like a U.S. employee or contractor, or international employee or contractor
Add an international employee in Gusto Global within just a few clicks

In time, we’ll bring you even more features, including HR tools like goal tracking, employee pulse surveys, and performance management. No more Google docs for collecting feedback and running performance reviews–instead you’ll get one platform for your global team’s HR needs.

In future, you’ll also be able to access equity management and tax withholding – maximizing your ability to attract and retain top global talent. For many businesses, equity is a critical form of compensation. While other payroll providers claim to offer this, they can’t do so compliantly. However, through Gusto Global, you can offer compliant equity compensation to your team members all over the world.

Your business is no longer constrained by borders, or by a complicated mix of systems and tools to build teams and culture. We’re here to help you take care of your people, no matter where they’re located. 

Gusto Global is starting in beta in Canada now and will be available in additional countries in the weeks ahead. Remote operates in 75+ countries around the world.

Interested in hiring international employees? Sign up for the waitlist here. 

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Tomer London Tomer is the co-founder and Chief Product Officer of Gusto. He is responsible for the development and execution of the product vision — reimagining how modern payroll, benefits, and compliance should operate.
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