Chase Payment Solutions has selected Gusto to provide payroll services to its business payments customers. Every business needs payroll to operate and with Gusto Embedded, customers will be able to combine payments, banking, and payroll all with a single sign-in via 

Gusto has processed more than two-thirds of a trillion dollars in payroll for hundreds of thousands of employers across the U.S through Gusto’s direct business. We introduced Gusto Embedded nearly 2 years ago with the vision to take everything we’ve built over the past decade–from payroll to health benefits to remote hiring–and make it available as a platform for software developers. Dozens of Vertical SaaS, Point of Sale and fintech platforms have started using Gusto Embedded to provide a comprehensive payroll solution, tailored to their customers’ needs in record time through our APIs and pre-built user flows. 

Chase Payment Solutions Delivering New Innovation and Value to Small and Medium Business (SMB) Customers

Chase Payment Solutions has a long history of providing, point of sale, and payments capabilities to its small business customers. These products are key to starting and running a business. By adding payroll to their offerings, Chase Payment Solutions will extend the bank’s ability to serve as a one-stop-shop for key financial services that businesses require to operate and grow. 

Using Gusto Embedded to power Chase Payment Solutions’ payroll offering, the process of running payroll, calculating and withholding taxes, filing with the appropriate agencies and creating paystubs for employees will all be significantly simplified. Employees of Chase Payment Solutions’ customers will be able to self-onboard, access pay stubs, and pull tax documents via a secure employee portal. Combining the full payroll process with financial operations will save business owners time, which is the greatest commodity.

Why Chase Payment Solutions is Choosing Gusto Embedded to Provide Payroll

Payroll is rooted in compliance and customers demand reliability above all else. Every city, county, and state have their own nuances in addition to federal requirements. And, there are tens of thousands of tax agencies in the US, from large agencies down to a small school district. You need to know who to call with a question about the latest tax rates and tax calculations. Gusto has been building relationships and solving tricky process questions for a decade and that expertise combined with an intuitive and simple digital experience creates a very compelling product offering for small businesses. 

Gusto Embedded simplifies at every step, by including features like payroll transfers to ensure a smooth transition from previous payroll providers and pre-built user interface (UI) flows for Run Payroll, W2 and 1099 Contractor Onboarding and State Tax Setup so potential pitfalls and mistakes are prevented. 

“We have been exploring ways to introduce best-in-class payroll services to our SMB customers,” said Jessica Young, at Chase Payment Solutions. “Building payroll at national scale requires deep knowledge and understanding. With Gusto Embedded, we are able to decrease the time to offer a leading payroll service while increasing the value we’re able to deliver to our customers.” 

How Gusto Embedded Makes it Quick and Easy to Build Customizable Payroll for Software Developers 

To make the development process simple and seamless, Gusto Embedded includes pre-built flows, new developer tools (API Docs), and developer support so partners can build quickly. These technical tools are combined with sales & marketing enablement, and expert customer support from Gusto so we can offer an end-to-end full package that simplest partners have the ability to quickly build and deliver payroll to their customers. 

Dozens of SaaS platforms are already benefiting from Gusto Embedded: Salon, spa and fitness SaaS provider Vagaro is using Gusto Embedded to build special workflows for managing payroll for their unique workforce. SpotOn has included payroll in their Teamwork product so their tens of thousands of customers, from independent restaurants to Major League Baseball stadiums, can run payroll faster, more accurately from one seamlessly integrated solution. All-in-one platform for a business of one, Collective, has tailored their payroll solution with Gusto such that their members see just the payroll functionality they need and none of the features they don’t. 

The Proven Reliability of Gusto Payroll and Embedded Services

Gusto has more than 10 years of experience processing payroll for more than 300,000 businesses in all 50 states. And we acquired Symmetry, which is the leader in payroll infrastructure and calculates payroll tax for 60 million workers at companies of all sizes from small businesses to large enterprises. All of this has enabled Gusto to amass significant expertise in understanding unexpected edge cases, undocumented state tax nuances, and go-to-market best practices that no other embedded payroll provider is able to offer. 

We’ve seen – and planned for – the unexpected so we can provide reliable services and compliance at scale. That includes the recent collapses of regional banks, and the ensuing disruption it caused to millions of employees’ paychecks. Gusto’s payroll operations were not affected by the bank failures because we have banking redundancy in place and have had it for years. If one of our banking partners experienced a disruption, we are still able to run payroll and support our customers and our Gusto Embedded partners. A redundant banking system requires a deep investment of time and engineering resources and expert understanding of payroll payment operations, but it’s a vital commitment we’ve made to protect our customers and partners’ operations, so their employees get paid on time.

We created Gusto Embedded for companies like Chase, that are committed to helping small businesses be successful – and continuing to innovate to deliver on that commitment. We want to make it easy for companies to access the best and most reliable payroll solutions so they can help their customers’ businesses grow, as well as their own. 

Tomer London Tomer is the co-founder and Chief Product Officer of Gusto. He is responsible for the development and execution of the product vision — reimagining how modern payroll, benefits, and compliance should operate.
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