Update July 11, 2022: We’re excited to introduce our new lineup of monthly plans, redesigned to better provide growing businesses with the right services at the right value. These three new plans—Simple, Plus, and Premium—have been informed by feedback from customers like you and built to meet the needs of today’s employers. To reduce the impact for our existing customers, your plans and billing will not change unless you add an employee in a new state.*

With powerful features like resources for distributed teams, hiring and retention tools, valuable tax credits, hundreds of integrations, flexible customer support options, and a lot more, we’re confident that these newly designed plans will help teams of all sizes adapt, grow, and thrive.

*For existing customers, our Core, Complete, Concierge, and Select plans will remain available until you either add an employee in a new state, upgrade or downgrade your plan, or we retire the original plans.

Today, we take a huge leap forward in helping small businesses build great places to work. We take a step closer toward achieving our mission to create a world where works empowers a better life. We’re proud to unveil over 20 new features across our new plan options—Core, Complete, and Concierge.

We want to give every business new ways to take care of their team, with the peace of mind that they’re doing everything on their HR to-do list right (even if they don’t have a dedicated HR pro on staff). Check out what’s new!

More ways to impress new team members

From customizable offer letters to friendly onboarding, we’ve made it easy for you to welcome your candidates and new hires. Now you can…

Send custom offer letters to create a great first experience for potential new hires.

Offer letter

Bring your team closer together with a friendly onboarding experience, sharing fun facts about new hires and the team.

Welcome new hires in style

More ways to connect your team

Your team is growing. Sweet! We’re here to grow with you. Help employees navigate your business with an org chart and coworker directory. You can customize your employees’ profiles to establish what’s important to you. From t-shirt sizes to allergies—you can add it!

Org Chart

More flexibility in reporting, PTO, and managing your HR to-do list

It’s not news that we love small businesses, a lot. They’re our biggest source of inspiration, especially because each one has different needs, challenging us to make Gusto more flexible. To support your unique needs, we’ve added more options for managing paid time off, with waiting periods, tenure accrual, and standard or unlimited PTO. Reports are also more powerful with the ability to filter and group payroll, year-to-date, and benefits reports by individuals, locations, and departments.

More amazing employee benefits

Want to build a more attractive benefits package to attract and retain top talent? Nice! We now offer Flexible Spending Accounts, Health Savings Accounts, and Commuter Benefits right within Gusto. You can easily add existing plans to your payroll or enroll in a new plan, entirely online. Benefits administration is simpler than ever as we automatically update your deductions and give your employees an easy-to-use debit card that they can load with their pre-tax dollars.

Gusto Benefits Card

More automation

Passion projects > payroll problems. We know that difficult compliance questions and HR concerns are not what most small businesses want to spend their limited time on. That’s why we’ve added even more ways to take this off your plate. Gusto now takes care of child-support garnishments,* in addition to automatically updating and filing your payroll taxes. We’re also here to help you save on payroll or income taxes with the Federal R&D Tax Credit through our R&D Tax Credit Service.**

More help, right when you need it

Want access to certified HR expertise? We’ve got it. You can get live, unlimited access to a team of certified HR pros, available by phone and secure messaging, to advise your business on all things HR. You’ll also get exclusive access to a resource center with a comprehensive suite of templates, tools, and training programs that you can customize for your company.

Whew—that was a lot! The team is beyond excited to finally be able to share these new features with you and to continue to build out Gusto to serve your business as it grows. Onward and upward!  

Check out CEO Josh’s post on new Gusto plans—Core, Complete, and Concierge.

*Supported everywhere except South Carolina.

**Businesses who qualify can claim up to $250,000 per fiscal year for qualifying R&D expenses. Learn more.

Tomer London Tomer is the co-founder and Chief Product Officer of Gusto. He is responsible for the development and execution of the product vision — reimagining how modern payroll, benefits, and compliance should operate.
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