We’re excited to introduce our new lineup of monthly plans, redesigned to better provide growing businesses with the right services at the right value. These three new plans—Simple, Plus, and Premium—have been informed by feedback from customers like you and built to meet the needs of today’s employers. To reduce the impact for our existing customers, your plans and billing will not change unless you add an employee in a new state.*

With powerful features like resources for distributed teams, hiring and retention tools, valuable tax credits, hundreds of integrations, flexible customer support options, and a lot more, we’re confident that these newly designed plans will help teams of all sizes adapt, grow, and thrive.

*For existing customers, our Core, Complete, Concierge, and Select plans will remain available until you either add an employee in a new state, upgrade or downgrade your plan, or we retire the original plans.

When I went on a cross-country road trip earlier this year to meet customers and other small businesses, I learned that no matter what industry they’re in, small business owners care deeply about their people. Since founding Gusto, we’ve envisioned a future where work can empower a better life for both employers and employees. That mission is why we set out to make managing payroll, benefits, and HR refreshingly easy.

According to a survey we did earlier this year, nearly 75 percent of small businesses don’t have anyone on their team working on HR management. And when someone does need to become an expert, it can take time away from other meaningful parts of building a company, such as hiring talented people and fostering stronger bonds on a team. In fact, our research about the next generation of small business owners showed that they would prefer to spend less time on transactional processes like compliance and payroll taxes, and instead focus on creating a great place to work. This makes sense given how important people are to any organization.

However, one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to working on the people side of a business. Today we’re thrilled to announce new ways to experience Gusto. Our payroll, benefits, and HR product is now available in three different plans—Core, Complete, and Concierge. The Complete and Concierge plans in particular offer exciting new functionality, with Complete including custom offer letters, employee onboarding, and Concierge adding the option of live help from certified HR experts. Every plan is packed with new features, enabling small business owners to not only automate time-consuming tasks, but also celebrate life moments that happen at work, such as job offers and welcoming new teammates.

With our new product plans, people who run all kinds of small businesses can now focus on the issues that matter to their business most, without having to be experts on the transactional parts of their job. Here’s more information about each of the plans:

  • Core: Payroll is at the core of HR because it’s a system of record that needs to be accurate and is established as soon as a business hires an employee. For people who simply need their payroll and taxes to be handled accurately and efficiently so they can focus on their business, the Core plan provides them with full-service payroll and the basics of employee management.
  • Complete: For people who need more robust tools and processes to effectively scale their business and manage their employees, the Complete plan includes all aspects of the Core plan, plus a full suite of HR features like offer documents for smooth hiring and onboarding, as well as a customizable employee directory and org chart.
  • Concierge: For people who need access to expert HR advice so that they feel confident they are making the best HR decisions for their teams, the Concierge plan offers live help from certified HR pros and payroll experts. Whether it’s by helping small businesses create an employee handbook that communicates company values and compliant policies, or giving them a better understanding of HR laws and effective hiring practices, Gusto’s Concierge plan can help people protect and grow their businesses.

Every feature we build is intended to help business owners create great places to work, whether it’s easier ways to implement health benefits, 529 college savings plans, or 401(k) retirement plans for their employees. Now we can add tax-advantaged accounts to that list: Health Savings Accounts (HSAs), Health and Dependent Care Flexible Spending Accounts, and commuter benefits. Learn about all the new features the team’s been working on in this post by Tomer, Gusto’s co-founder and Chief Product Officer.

Building a strong culture can’t be outsourced or automated. While more tedious business tasks should be automated, leaders are eager to spend more time on the way a team is built. Our hope is that as we continue to serve over 40,000 small businesses nationwide, Gusto enables business owners to focus on the community-building aspects of HR, instead of just the transactional parts. The future of work is bright for small businesses, and we’re eager to be of service and help build that future together.

Joshua Reeves Josh is the CEO and co-founder of Gusto, a startup that’s reimagining HR, payroll, and benefits for modern companies. Josh believes in the power of software to solve complex problems. Follow Josh on LinkedIn and Twitter.
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