Gusto Time Kiosk Helps Business Owners With Easy Time Tracking From Centralized Location

High inflation, a tight labor market, and a tough environment for borrowers – if you’re a small or mid-sized business owner, you know this year has been challenging. You’re dealing with the tricky balancing act of keeping your best people on staff, while keeping your costs low. 

Recent economic research from Gusto found in industries where workers are paid hourly – like restaurants, the performing arts, sports, specialty food, and beauty – average wages have gone up 7% over the past year. 

To efficiently run and grow your business, you need to ensure you’re accurately tracking your employees’ time. That’s why today, we’ve launched Gusto Time Kiosk, a new feature helping your employees easily record their working hours, on location. This allows you to accurately calculate wages, including regular hours, breaks, and overtime.

The Time Kiosk app turns any connected device into a centralized location for employees to quickly and easily clock in and out. No more sticky notes on who came in today, who called out sick, and who stayed late – with Time Kiosk, your team can quickly and easily track their hours using any iOS or Android device. 

If you’re a business owner in retail, healthcare, manufacturing, hospitality, construction, transportation, logistics, education, or personal services, Time Kiosk was built for you. Here’s how it can support your business:

  • Saving you time – Manually verifying employees’ time and attendance can be time-consuming, especially as your workforce grows. With Time Kiosk, employees can quickly and easily sign in when they’re on site and ready to work.
  • Giving you peace of mind Time Kiosk helps you confidently track everyone’s time and is seamlessly synced with payroll in Gusto, so you know you’re paying your team accurately and on time.
  • Helping your business with compliance – By capturing hours accurately, Time Kiosk can help you comply with regulations regarding working hours, overtime, and breaks. 
  • Easy tracking for your employees – Time Kiosk is easy for employees to use, making it fast and simple to clock in and out. It automatically integrates with the full Gusto platform, including Gusto Wallet, a free mobile app enabling them to track, save, and access their paychecks. Gusto Wallet provides easy access to their paychecks, which include a simple breakdown of hours, taxes, deductions, and more. 
  • Providing an easy, cost-effective alternative to traditional time clocks – Time Kiosk can run on any connected device, so you don’t need to invest in expensive specialized hardware to efficiently record your employees’ time. 

“We’ve rolled out Gusto Time Kiosk to a couple of our clients, and they’ve had a huge amount of success. They absolutely love it,” says Wyatt Kneaper, Founder and CEO of Lighthouse Accounting Group. 

He adds Time Kiosk is “a gamechanger” for the clients Lighthouse serves, many of which are in industries like retail and manufacturing – as they must be compliant with legal requirements around breaks and mealtimes for employees.

“It’s one more tool in our advisory toolbelt … Cutting down compliance costs and advising clients towards that is invaluable.” 

The Gusto Time Kiosk app turns any connected device into a centralized location for employees to quickly and easily clock in and out.
The Gusto Time Kiosk app turns any connected device into a centralized location for employees to quickly and easily clock in and out.

How Gusto Time Kiosk helps The Discovery Tree Academy save time, stay compliant, and boost employee retention

Jennifer Freeman is the founder of The Discovery Tree Academy, which offers childcare and educational programming for infants, toddlers, and school-aged children across two locations in Jacksonville, Florida. 

Before joining Gusto, Jennifer was using ADP to pay more than 40 employees. But she found it clunky and challenging to use, and running payroll took her as long as 8 hours per month.  Since joining Gusto and using Time Kiosk, she now runs payroll in less than an hour a month, giving her time back to focus on other areas of the business. 

Time Kiosk is also a vital tool for helping Discovery Tree Academy maintain compliance. As a childcare provider, The Discovery Tree Academy is required to follow strict safety regulations developed by The Florida Department of Children and Families, including maintaining ratios of a specific number of children supervised by every teacher. 

With teachers clocking in on-site using Time Kiosk, Jennifer has full confidence they’re able to maintain compliance. Failing to maintain compliance for the right number of staff on-site could result in fines, or even losing their license – and it could also be a safety risk for the children in their care.

“It’s super, super important that we’re on time,” Jennifer says. “If there was any way that people could skirt that, and clock in their car and not actually be in the building, we just can’t take that kind of risk … so that’s why Time Kiosk was really important in my industry. Being right in front of that director’s office and clocking in is the way we make sure we’re covering ratios and that the kids are safe and cared for.”

Finally, Time Kiosk has helped The Discovery Tree Academy keep its best teachers on staff – a real challenge in an industry with high turnover. According to the most recent data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of job openings in the education sector has increased 16% compared to the previous quarter. With higher demand and greater competition for workers, business owners like Jennifer have had to get creative.

Jennifer offers an attendance bonus every pay period to teachers who clock in consistently and on time – and she encourages them to use Gusto Wallet to see how their working hours are accruing and to track when they become eligible for this bonus.

“Time Kiosk and the Gusto platform supported our philosophical approach to improving work ethic and our schedule,” Jennifer says. “By really incorporating all that Gusto offers, the teachers are seeing it as a benefit now, because they’re able to see what their pay is going to be, track their time, track their overtime, track their PTO, and request to get paid for PTO.”  

Gusto Time Kiosk and the attendance bonus have been instrumental in keeping teachers on the team and helping them build meaningful relationships with students, Jennifer says – something she deeply values as an educator with decades of experience.

“The staff are irreplaceable … I tell everybody, our two greatest assets are our children and our staff. All the books, all the lesson plans, all the toys, all the stuff, the directors, the owner – we are a hill of beans compared to the teacher that interacts with the child that comes in the door.”

Gusto Time Kiosk is generally available today as an add-on for all customers on the Gusto Plus and Premium plans. Learn more about how Time Kiosk can support your team here. 

Will Lopez Will Lopez is Gusto's Head Ambassador to accountant partners and customers. Previously, he empowered accountants as Head of Community & Education. He has dedicated his career to supporting accounting professionals and small businesses with more than 20 years of public- and private-sector experience, including founding and building a modern, cloud-based accounting firm.
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