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How to Select the Best Gusto Plan for Your Clients

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With Gusto’s new product plans available now, your clients now have more options to solve the complexity of managing and growing their staff. The key to identifying the best plan for each client is up-front discovery to understand clients’ needs in order to make an informed recommendation on the appropriate Gusto product plan. For a refresher on how to effectively use up-front discovery in matching solutions to client needs, read our blog post on solution selling.

Introduce your clients to payroll they’ll actually love.

Below are some questions to ask in a discovery conversation to find the right Gusto plan for your clients business needs.

Gusto CoreGusto
What is your org structure?
Flat org structure – ex. five employees and they all report to me.
Layered structure – ex. twenty employees in multiple departments,  department heads report in to me (or the CEO, etc.)
What are your biggest concerns around HR?
Things running smoothly, people showing up on time
Finding and retaining good talent
Staying compliant, doing things the right way, avoiding HR lawsuits from employees and the state
When it comes to HR, what types of things do you spend the most time on?
Scheduling shifts and getting employees paid
Hiring and on-boarding new employees
Keeping up to date with changing employment laws at the state and federal level to make sure everything is compliant
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Updated: April 13, 2019


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