Introducing Gusto’s New Product Plans

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Big news for Gusto partners and their clients! Today, we’re launching Gusto plans in three options — Core, Complete, and Concierge.

Everything you love about Gusto’s payroll — plus a ton of new features — is in the Core plan. Our new Complete and Concierge plans give your clients even more HR horsepower to manage their teams and create better places to work.

Gusto plans

Full list of features for each plan.

As a Gusto partner, you’ll be able to pass bulk discounts to clients or earn revenue on each one of our plans. Wondering how to pick the best plan for each of your clients? Check out our plan guide for partners

Introducing the Core Plan

For clients looking for the best payroll for small businesses, the Core plan provides them with full-service payroll and modern employee management. We’re also excited to announce these new features available in the Core plan today:

Automated child-support garnishment payments

Gusto now supports child-support garnishments. Once they’re set up by the employer, Gusto automatically deducts the right amount from each paycheck and remits it to the correct state agency. No need to remember to calculate and pay child-support garnishments for every client!

More flexible payroll reports

We completely redesigned the report center — now it’s even easier to find the reports that matter to you. Create custom reports that include only specific employees, so you can see and share only the information needed, and group reports by individual employees, work locations, or departments.

More ways to manage paid time off

We expanded our PTO policy options so you can customize them for your clients. Clients want to award more days off with each year of service? Check. Start PTO only after a waiting period? Check. Offer unlimited PTO? Check.

Introducing the Complete Plan

For clients that need more robust tools and processes to effectively scale their businesses, the Complete plan includes all aspects of the Core plan, plus a full suite of HR features to grow and manage their teams.

Org charts with more personality

Now your clients can help employees navigate their growing business with a snapshot of the team’s reporting structure. Employees can learn more about their teammates with photos, fun facts, and bios.

Make them an offer they can’t refuse

Your clients can impress candidates and help seal the deal with slick new offer letters that are easily customized, e-signed, and stored securely.

Introducing the Concierge Plan

Your clients want to feel confident that they’re making the best HR decisions for their teams and businesses: The Concierge plan offers live help from payroll experts and certified HR pros who can offer advice on complex issues or provide guidance on staying compliant. Whether it’s helping your clients create an employee handbook that communicates company values and compliance policies, or giving them a better understanding of HR compliance and effective hiring practices, Gusto’s new Concierge plan can help your clients protect and grow their businesses, without having to hire a dedicated HR person.

Sign into Gusto to check out the changes, or send us an email if you have any questions: [email protected].

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