Keeping up with product changes to a software you like can be a lot of work. That’s why in this second installment of our Gusto product update series The Quarterly Scoop, we’ll “soft-serve” you every recent product launch and improvement. 

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Gusto Recruiting – Expanded permissions for the hiring team

A record 3.98 million people quit their jobs every month during 2021. And a record-smashing 4.5 million quit in March 2022. People are changing jobs quickly and you and your clients need to move fast on hiring qualified candidates, or they’ll get scooped up!

That’s why we’ve expanded Gusto’s native recruiting feature to allow both employee and admin users to contribute to the hiring process, leave interview notes and feedback, and move the candidate to the next stage.

Gusto Recruiting – Add custom questions for job applications

You can now customize the questions you ask on job applications through Gusto. You’re able to ensure an applicant has met certain licensing requirements to be certain you’re making the best use of your team’s and the candidate’s time. 

Gusto's Post a new job software screenshot
You can now add custom questions during the interview process.

A company to-do list

Sometimes, you know what to do next, but that doesn’t mean everyone else on the account does. Gusto’s new and improved to-do list on the company homepage allows admins to quickly see what they need to do and how to complete the task — easy.  

Explanations for blocked payroll

When a company hits a payroll blocker, Gusto will now tell you precisely why, with suggested prompts for how to resolve it. For example, if they onboarded a new video editor, and that video editor lives in a state where your client wasn’t registered, Gusto will tell you that’s the thing holding up payroll. (And if you need help registering your client there, CorpNet can help.)

Off-cycle drafts

Admins can now save data entered into off-cycle and correction payrolls to come back and finish later. This helps if you want a second pair of eyes on the information, or your client has an hourly employee who’s always late inputting their hours.

Improved reporting

Gusto’s custom payroll reports now include employee data like work location, manager, start date, regular hours, overtime hours, FUTA/SUTA taxes, termination reason, and more. They also include time off fields such as paid time off, sick time off, and total time off. Custom Payroll Reports give you a lot of flexibility to pick fields that make the most sense depending on what kind of information you want to see in a report. These reports are helpful when addressing notices and audits the employer may receive from unemployment claims, 401(k) census, etc.

This can be a big help to People Advisors, who want to help business owners review a particular employee or team, to see how many hours they’re putting in, how much time they’re taking off, and more.

General ledger report

Customers without any accounting integration rely on our reports to create the journal entry. The general ledger report generates the company’s chart of accounts, reducing the risk of manual error. (Before having this report, admins could spend hours scrambling through a few different reports to create journal entries and reconcile the Gusto debit amounts after each payroll run — no fun.)

We also have a detailed sheet in the report that can help users cross-check or find more information on their entries. Users will be able to group the entries by department, project, or job titles and customers with an accounting integration will see the general ledger codes on the report. This is a big win.

A screenshot of Gusto software Reports feature
A screenshot of the new general ledger report.

Employer calendar

Your clients can now sync important dates (birthdays and work anniversaries!) and deadlines (payroll!) to their personal or company calendar. (Gusto also keeps these in a company in-app calendar, which admins can reach from the homepage.)

Performance reviews – now schedule review cycles

Research shows companies that conduct effective performance reviews are 30% more likely to meet their financial target. Help your clients keep their people on track by scheduling and managing those performance reviews within Gusto.

Self-serve benefits adjustments

Earlier this year we announced that employers could bring their existing broker and benefits within the Gusto platform. Now, those customers can also ask to have their benefits and deductions automatically corrected for that external benefit, right within Gusto.

A screenshot of Gusto software's Company Benefits page
The new company benefits page.

Gusto debit card spending insights and budgeting

Gusto Wallet now offers employees greater visibility into their spending patterns, the ability to set goals, and a way to track their progress against their goals. It allows every Gusto employer to extend personal financial awareness and planning as a benefit to their employees. 

Gusto Pro – Same period tax exemptions 

Gusto recently launched a feature where accountants can add tax exemptions for clients directly through their Gusto account. You can now also remove company exemptions if they are no longer applicable without having to work with our Care team. Or you can click in to see an activity log of company tax exemptions to keep track of who applied the exemption and when. 

Gusto Pro – Now integrated with Gusto Connect

Gusto Connect is an exclusive online community where accounting professionals like yourself network, learn, develop their skills, share valuable feedback, earn points, and redeem rewards — and now, it’s available using your Gusto Pro login. 

To access Gusto Connect login to your Gusto account then head to

Integration – Reach reporting

Deliver sleek financial and people storytelling management reports by using the pre-built People Advisory templates found on your Reach dashboard. And you can quickly share the Management Reports to your firm’s library so firm members can share them with other clients they serve, saving your practice tons of time.

a screenshot of Reach Reports' Pre-built advisory templates
Reach reporting now features pre-built advisory templates.

Integration – Ashby 

Hire more efficiently by combining features for the entire recruiting process, from sourcing to offer, with advanced analytics and automation. After connecting Gusto with Ashby, users can push new hires directly to Gusto with one click.

Integration – Relay

Access detailed transaction data for payments initiated by Gusto, simplified account and corporate card provisioning, and shortfall notifications weeks before a scheduled payroll.

(Integration) CSA360

This integration keeps both CSA360 and Gusto employee rosters in sync and allows for time tracking data to be sent from CSA360 to Gusto payrolls.

(Integrations) Guideline

While this isn’t a new integration, 401(k) is especially relevant right now as many startups are beginning to mandate offering retirement plans. Changes made to the employee roster in Gusto payroll are sent through the secure API to the employer’s Guideline account, which reduces duplicate data entry. 

(Integration) Shoobx

Create and reconcile employee accounts in both platforms and sync employee data (department, role, compensation, and more) from Gusto to Shoobx.

Plus, a few improved integrations with Slack, Zoho CRM, and Zoho Desk.

For more details, watch the presentation, and catch us on the next live session of The Quarterly Scoop.

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