Health insurance keeps people and their families healthy, yet over 70 percent of small businesses today do not offer benefits. That’s millions of businesses whose employees are on their own when it comes to insurance.

After talking to hundreds of small business owners, we discovered that they feel overwhelmed by the arduous process of setting up and managing their benefits. In fact, two out of three owners feel unprepared to navigate the health insurance process, and the vast majority of them wish their brokers could make it easier to pick the best plan for their budget.

Our mission at Gusto is to bring life to work. We knew we could use technology and design to help solve such an important problem for millions of people, so we set out to make an intuitive, approachable health benefits experience for both employers and employees.

Today, we’re excited to launch an incredibly easy and customized way for small business owners and their employees to select, enroll in, and manage their health benefits.

With a traditional broker, it takes at least a month to select a new plan — and that’s only if all your ducks are in a row. In the meantime, you’re stuck having tons of back-and-forth conversations and dealing with piles of confusing documents and forms. It’s like a horrible game of telephone that’s extremely prone to error. In fact, over half of our customers who transfer their existing health coverage to Gusto come with serious issues as a result of a previous broker’s mistakes.

Here’s where we come in.

Gusto Health Benefits are entirely online and paperless. One of our unique advantages in simplifying benefits is that we process payroll for more than 30,000 businesses nationwide. Because we already have essential details about a company like their location, number of employees, and average employee salary, we can offer the only benefits solution on the market that instantly matches businesses with customized health plans that are tailored to both what they need and what they can afford. Plus, once you combine benefits with payroll, a manual process that was once plagued by data entry mistakes becomes automated and error-free. The experience becomes so easy, that it starts to feel more like booking a vacation through Kayak and less like the papery mess people may be used to.

Want to learn more about the benefits of Gusto Health Benefits? Take a look at our press announcement and visit our site to see how we can help you set up a new group plan or transfer your existing plan.

Lauren Humphrey Lauren is a health tech veteran and a licensed producer of accident, health, and life insurance. She previously lead benefits advising and operations at Gusto.
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