At Gusto, we’re lucky to work with so many unique small businesses sprinkled throughout the country. From coffee shops to law firms, our customers’ diversity and can-do spirits are what make our job so special. And it’s what also makes it such a fun challenge — providing tools that fit companies of all shapes and sizes. Because no matter where you are, no matter what you do, we think you should be able to run your business in whatever way you choose.

Today, we’re excited to roll out four new payroll features that will help you take even better care of your remarkable team.

Multiple pay rates

In many businesses, people wear multiple hats. And for each role they perform, they’re paid a different wage. For instance, an employee at a restaurant may work as both a host and a waiter for two separate hourly rates. Now with multiple pay rates, your team can easily get paid for all the various jobs they do.

Multiple pay schedules

Hourly and salaried employees generally prefer to get paid on different schedules. However, it used to be impossible to pay various segments of your team separately. But not anymore. Multiple pay schedules allow you to pay these two groups at the frequency that makes the most sense for their particular needs.

To use the feature, all you have to do is turn on the multiple pay schedules topping and connect your team to their new schedule. That’s it. You can also run Payroll on AutoPilot™ for both your hourly and salaried team members. They just need to be paid by direct deposit, and if they’re hourly, have a set number of hours per pay period.

Easy calendar sync

The coolest part about getting tweets like these from our customers? Making their ideas come to life. Today, we’re also launching a calendar feature that will help you keep track of important payroll dates along with all the other events in your team’s lives: birthdays, anniversaries, and more. You simply sync your Google Cal, Outlook, or iCal with Gusto, and then you’ll be able to see whenever a big milestone is coming up. The calendar tool will make it even easier to run payroll on time and celebrate your amazing employees.

Contractor self-onboarding

Contractors are an integral part of your team, even if it’s just for a short amount of time. With our newest tool, contractors can onboard on their own, and get easy access to their payments and 1099s. This empowers your team, and in the end, it saves you time too. Best of all, once they finish self-onboarding they’re automatically added to contractor payroll.

The goal of these four new features is to provide you with the flexibility you need to take care of payroll, run your business and recognize your team. We hope you enjoy using them just as much as we enjoyed building them for you.

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