Gusto, Reviewed: There’s No Better Value

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For small business owners, few things are more frustrating than unexpected costs. With Gusto, you get an affordable, comprehensive platform to hire, pay, and take care of your team — with no hidden fees or extra expenses.

There’s a reason more than 300,000 businesses work with Gusto. When you sign up, you can get more done than you ever thought possible (and more than likely for less than you ever thought possible). Our transparently priced plans are designed to meet your business at any stage. What you see is what you get — and according to reviews, what you get is pretty darn good.

And it’s why customers and Gusto users on G2 have named us the best product for SMBs in 2024.

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Reviewers agree: Get more for your money, without extra costs

With Gusto, you can run payroll as many times as you need to. We automatically file payroll taxes with the right government agencies for you. If you have health insurance or retirement benefits, you can integrate them directly with payroll. And unlike competitors, none of these features cost extra. Just ask the experts:

Quote from on Gusto. "Gusto’s beautifully designed, full-service payroll system includes plenty of payroll and HR features for free, when many payroll providers charge extra.”
Quote from TechRepublic on Gusto. "Gusto takes first place in nearly any best-of payroll software list."
Quote from NerdWallet on Gusto. "Gusto includes features that some competitors charge extra for or don't offer at all."

You could save thousands by switching to Gusto

With transparent pricing, you can feel confident knowing what you’ll pay to take care of your team. Here’s what our customers have said about making the switch to Gusto.

Quote from Anna Stout, Astute Communications. "I knew we'd have significant savings of $8,000 annually by switching to Gusto."
Quote from Elizabeth Giorgi, soona. "Being able to run off-cycle payrolls really quickly without a ton of fees and costs is really important."
Quote from Wyatt Kneaper, Lighthouse Accounting Group. "It was a no-brainer for our client to switch from a PEO provider."

Want to try Gusto?

You’re in good company. Get easy-to-use payroll, benefits, and HR tools in one powerful place. It’s free to set up, and you won’t pay a cent until you’re ready to run payroll.

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