Gusto Launches Robust New HR and Payroll Tools To Help Accountants Grow Their Practices

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Gusto for Partners gives CPAs an opportunity to provide HR services for the first time.

Today, Gusto, a modern payroll, benefits, and HR platform serving over 40,000 small businesses, announced the launch of Gusto for Partners, a robust new set of tools aimed to help their 3,000 accountant partners run payroll and offer HR services for their clients in order to grow their practices.  

With Gusto for Partners, CPA firms can offer HR advice through Gusto’s Concierge service. Firms can give their clients access to certified HR professionals who can help them navigate HR compliance questions in addition to running payroll.

“With Gusto’s new Concierge service, I can now help my clients with complex HR questions where previously I was not able to,” said Cristina Garza, CEO of Accountingprose. “This is an exciting opportunity for my firm as we look for additional ways to help our clients. Gusto offers me invaluable benefits that no other payroll provider has ever been able to offer me.”

Gusto for Partners includes a newly designed central dashboard where accountants can easily run payroll for all their clients from a single login as well as onboard new clients. Accountants can also promote their payroll services by sending new clients a customized signup page with their firm’s logo and invite them to join the Gusto platform. When a client signs up for Gusto payroll through that signup page, the company will automatically show up in the accountant’s central dashboard.

A recent survey of Gusto’s accountant partners administered by TechValidate found that 83% of those who previously used traditional payroll providers such as ADP and Paychex agree that with Gusto they spend significantly less time running payroll per client.

“Running payroll for our clients used to require a lot of time and energy on our part,” said Matthew May, co-founder and COO of Acuity. “With Gusto for Partners, I’m able to easily invite new clients to Gusto’s payroll platform while putting my firm’s brand front and center at the same time. We see this as a key way we will grow our practice moving forward.”

As an additional benefit of joining the Gusto for Partners program, members will get free payroll and HR tools such as employee offer documents and paid time off requests from Gusto for their own firm. They also unlock rewards as they add additional clients to their dashboard and can earn revenue with Gusto.

Learn more about the Gusto for Partners program here.

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