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Get the 411 on Gusto’s Concierge Plan

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Gusto concierge plan

We’re excited to introduce our new lineup of monthly plans, redesigned to better provide growing businesses with the right services at the right value. These three new plans—Simple, Plus, and Premium—have been informed by feedback from customers like you and built to meet the needs of today’s employers. To reduce the impact for our existing customers, your plans and billing will not change unless you add an employee in a new state.*

With powerful features like resources for distributed teams, hiring and retention tools, valuable tax credits, hundreds of integrations, flexible customer support options, and a lot more, we’re confident that these newly designed plans will help teams of all sizes adapt, grow, and thrive.

*For existing customers, our Core, Complete, Concierge, and Select plans will remain available until you either add an employee in a new state, upgrade or downgrade your plan, or we retire the original plans.

We now offer a Concierge plan for people who need expert HR advice so they can feel confident they’re making the best decisions for their teams. With the Concierge plan, companies get access to live help from certified HR pros and payroll experts.

Whether it’s by helping small businesses create an employee handbook that communicates company values and compliant policies or giving them a better understanding of HR laws and effective hiring practices, we can help people protect and grow their businesses.

Certified HR Pros

Live, unlimited access to a team of certified HR pros, available by phone and secure messaging. These experts do more than just answer questions. They’re available to advise on HR compliance, workplace best practices, HR crises, and will help keep you ahead of the latest HR issues and trends.

HR Resource Center

Employers get exclusive access to professional training and forms related to employment law, employee termination, hiring and onboarding, performance management, and more.

Dedicated HR support

Employers have a direct phone number and email access to a team of dedicated support reps. This means faster responses, a personal touch, and an ongoing relationship with a go-to.

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