My co-founders and I started Gusto out of a house in Palo Alto, California. It’s where we hired our first employee, built the core product, and set the foundation for our value system and mission as a business. Since then, we’ve grown by leaps and bounds, and today, we’re still growing. There are currently over 225 people in our San Francisco office, and we just launched a second office in beautiful Denver, Colorado. We’ll be hiring more than one thousand people over the coming years in Denver, and we’re thrilled by the opportunity to add teammates who share our values to the Gusto community.

We took a very deliberate approach to choosing a second office. We think of the Gusto community as one team, spread across two locations, and it was important to us that the team we build there was aligned with our motivations and mission as a business. We wanted a place that exemplified our small business ethos. We wanted a place that cared about social responsibility and economic growth. And most importantly, we wanted a place where people were inspired by what we stand for. We’ve fallen in love with Denver over many visits, and are thrilled to become a long-term member of the community.

Our office will be in the heart of downtown Denver, right by Union Station. We can’t wait to move in and install our signature shoe shelf!

We will be building out a long-term office in Denver with multiple teams. The initial focus will be on customer care, a team that is at the very core of our customer-driven mentality. We’ve had several members of our team move to Denver, and we’re actively hiring more folks to the team there. Our San Francisco office is expanding quickly as well, and we remain just as committed as we’ve always been to providing superb care to our customers, wherever they are in the country.

Thank you to Governor John Hickenlooper, Mayor Michael B. Hancock, and all of the people of Denver for welcoming us with open arms. It’s wonderful to be here and we look forward to getting to know many of you over the coming months, years, and decades.

We’ve made tremendous progress over the past few years at Gusto, and I’m very proud of what we’ve accomplished. We’re now processing several billions of dollars in payroll, serving tens of thousands of customers, and we’ve achieved these goals while being proud of the journey and staying true to our value system. It’s humbling to realize that we’re still just at the tip of the iceberg on what we hope to accomplish. There’s a lot more to do. 🙂


Josh Reeves

CEO of Gusto

P.S. Interested in joining us in the Mile-High City? Let’s talk!

Joshua Reeves Josh is the CEO and co-founder of Gusto, a startup that’s reimagining HR, payroll, and benefits for modern companies. Josh believes in the power of software to solve complex problems. Follow Josh on LinkedIn and Twitter.
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