Hiring is one of the biggest challenges for a growing company. Many of our readers already know that finding candidates online helps you better scale and measure your recruiting efforts. LinkedIn is a great resource and has premium products for recruiting. The job market is getting warmer though, and it may be tough to compete with companies with a bigger recruiting spend.

Fortunately, according to LinkedIn, 75 percent of its members are passive. In other words, they are not actively looking for a new job. This gives you an opportunity to creatively recruit candidates when you can’t compete on budget.

To level the playing field, use these three recruiting tricks to find the best candidates.

1. Join groups

Did you know that LinkedIn has more than 2.1 million groups? That’s a great resource for recruiting and to help establish a brand for you and your company. First, post your job to the Group’s job board. If you want to invest in the Group, participate in the forum and post content. Be careful not to spam the Group though, or your efforts may backfire.

Here are some of the most popular career-related groups:

2. Search for related terms

You’re a pro at searching on LinkedIn but you feel like you’ve exhausted your candidate list. Have you considered looking for related terms? Use a tool like Google’s keyword planner to help you find related words to your search.

Google AdWords Keyword Planner

For example, a search for “ruby developer” can give you suggestions to look for “ROR” (short for “Ruby on Rails”) or Django (a framework in Python).

3. Save your search


Once you figure out the type of candidates you’re looking for, save your LinkedIn search. You can even create alerts to remind you on a weekly basis if any new candidates have joined the recruitment pool.

Want to up your recruiting game? Consider using an applicant tracking system to hire top talent with ease. Gusto can help!

David Cheng
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