Many entrepreneurs are members of at least one Facebook group. While entrepreneurship may feel lonely at times because you’re self-employed, remember that you’re not alone when building a new business.

There are many communities of business leaders who are tackling the same or similar problems that you are. Finding like-minded entrepreneurs isn’t limited to in-person networking events like Meetups or gatherings with local chapters of professional or nonprofit organizations, trade associations, or a local chamber of commerce. Online groups on Facebook and other social media platforms (e.g., LinkedIn groups) provide networking opportunities to engage in peer-to-peer discussion that doesn’t require you to carve out time from your busy schedule to travel to events.

Networking groups can be a great resource to form relationships with thought leaders or potential mentors, find your next startup’s cofounder, or you may even want to offer your own mentorship as a way to give back to your business community. The information freely exchanged will help you learn about new trends, initiatives, or advocacy in your industry that you may want to get involved with. They can also provide access to a wealth of advice that could help support professional development and personal growth, such as webinars that could be hosted in the forums. In addition, when looking for insights on business loans, referrals for legal help, or when seeking other assistance, members could provide valuable recommendations. Think of online groups as ecosystems that nurture their members, helping to create a foundation for sharing business ideas that fuels business growth.

A 2021 report, conducted by Facebook and The Governance Lab at NYU, showed that online community groups are key for connection with the largest proportion of respondents from 11 out of 15 countries saying that their most important group is online, including the US with 46 percent. No wonder online business groups, in particular, are popular as professional networks or as an extension of a community that began offline.

“I think the biggest thing is that these are real people,” explains Drew Turner, CEO of Darkspire Media, a four-person creative agency based in McKinney, Texas. “The group members are people who have a need and most of us are relating to that need.”

So you can receive and share advice from real people who do what you do, we identified the top Facebook groups for small business owners, founders, and entrepreneurs. Now you can tap into the benefits of that same real talk with like-minded individuals that Turner and other folks have found.

The top Facebook groups for entrepreneurs

1. The Startup Chat Mastermind Group

This group is an offshoot of The Startup Chat Podcast, hosted by Steli Efti and Hiten Shah. Network with other fans of the show and get advice on topics ranging from startup growth to getting yourself into an entrepreneurial mentality.

2. Small Business Connection

Facebook might be the most convenient networking hub. In this group, members connect with other business owners, share events, and participate in themed discussions.

3. Women In Business

This group is the virtual clubhouse of the Women Owned Business Club, a networking organization and business development center providing with affordable services to promote their products and growing businesses. The goal of the online group is for people to share what they’re working on and get honest answers to their biggest business questions.

4. MSM Mom Entrepreneurs SF

Run by Main Street Mamas, a San Francisco-based parenting community and entrepreneurs’ organization that also has in-person events for women with local businesses, this Facebook group provides a space for mom entrepreneurs (or mompreneurs) to get support from other working mothers.

5. UCENT – Up & Coming Entrepreneurs

When he was a teenager, entrepreneur Tanner Planes started this group in 2016 to help other business owners get the courage to start their own ventures. If you’re just starting out and looking for advice from others at the same stage, this group might be exactly what you need.

6. Jobs & Careers (Sponsored by Dreamers & Doers)

Dreamers & Doers connects female job seekers and companies that are hiring, with the goal of increasing the female footprint in the business world. If you’re hiring, join this group stat.

7. Black-Owned Business Portal (BlackOBP)

BlackOBP is a space for African-American-owned businesses to promote what they do, share wins and challenges, and get support from fellow business professionals across the country.

8. The Intentional Entrepreneur with Sabrina Philipp

Learn how to find more (and better) clients, ace sales calls, and other must-dos when starting an online business.

9. The Profitable Entrepreneur

Service-based companies (like photographers and consultants) flock to this group to connect with other business owners and learn how to expand their client lists.

10. Latino Small Business Owners (LSBO)

Learn from other Latino-owned businesses through discussion prompts and Facebook Live sessions with expert guests.

11. Shopify Entrepreneurs

Shopify store owners and sellers use this group to optimize their stores and pick up best practices from other successful store owners.

12. The Business Lounge Mastermind

Consultants, marketers, bloggers, coaches, and retailers who do business online stop here to ask tactical questions and brainstorm new marketing tactics.

13. Business Operator’s Union

Trying to scale your business? Join this group to get answers and feedback in a non-judgmental environment.

14. The Heart Centered Entrepreneur Community

Members receive ebooks, checklists, and other free resources about how to write a business plan, implement it, and grow a loyal client base.

15. MAGICC Makers: Grow Your Audience

This community of business owners, entrepreneurs, and creators breaks down common issues that are associated with growing and running a business to learn from others with shared experiences. Specifically, members chat about taxes, regulations, tips and tricks, and other useful topics.

16. Small Business Profit Arsenal

This group is unique in that members can only post advice that they have personally experienced. Dive in and get pointers from people who have overcome the same challenges you’re facing.

17. Humans of Online Business

This interactive group is open to anyone who wants advice on how to start and run a successful online business. Pro tip: Post questions and answers that are super-specific to make the discussions more valuable.

The lesson here? The more you put into these communities, the more you’ll get out of them. So click into a few of the groups above, share stories, ask questions, and see how far an engaged community of business owners can take you.

Kinjal Dagli Shah Kinjal Dagli Shah is a writer and journalist living in Toronto. She has worked in newsrooms in India, the US, and Canada over a span of 15 years and counting.
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