Spending too much time on Facebook when you should be doing business things? We won’t tell.

Luckily, you can turn your phone time into business time with a resource that’s conveniently located where you already are: Facebook. Facebook groups are a valuable way to network and get support for doing next-level things with your business.

To give you a place to start, we asked a few female entrepreneurs about the Facebook groups they click into every single day. Here are the top groups that actually help them run their businesses.

Best Facebook Groups for Female Entrepreneurs

1. The Lit Up & Loaded Entrepreneur

Good for: Female entrepreneurs who are just starting out and looking for advice from people who have been there.

# of members: 8,274

What people talk about: Members chat about super tactical ways to bring a business strategy to life. They also host a live monthly coaching session that covers getting into a business-owner mindset and launching a business plan that will set you up for success.

Example of posts:

  • What is your go-to strategy for promoting your freebies?
  • If you had 6-8 hours in a day to have a social media expert help you, what would you want to focus on during that time?

Why Shelley Petersen loves the group: “I love this group because Lacey Sites, who runs it, gets really real about life as an entrepreneur. Everything she shares can be put to use on some level and I think she speaks to all businesses because it’s about building relationships and connecting on a really human level. Personally, I’ve learned that doing the tough stuff like planning content or making a business plan doesn’t have to be scary or yucky—you can really just play and have fun with it.”

How to join: Apply here for access.

Best Facebook Groups for Female Entrepreneurs

2. #VibeTribe – Social Media Marketing for the Online Entrepreneur

Good for: Entrepreneurs who are trying to up their social media game.

# of members: 5,070

What people talk about: The group was started by Kylie Francis, a social media consultant who grew her fan base to 113,000 followers. Members share social marketing techniques for entrepreneurs who want to expand their customer base and increase their bottom line.

Examples of posts:  

  • How do I get started with influencer marketing?
  • How do I successfully use Pinterest to promote my business? 

Why Michelle Hamilton loves the group: “We talk about how to support each other, grow our business through social media, and believe in your value and brand. I really enjoy the feedback and support from the other members. Kylie Francis, who runs the group, shares a wealth of knowledge and it has really helped grow my audience and business in a very short time.”

How to join: Apply here for access.

Best Facebook Groups for Female Entrepreneurs

3. The Rising Tide Society

Good for: Creative business owners like artists, wedding planners, catering companies, and photographers.

# of members: 74,588

What people talk about: Everything from marketing to work-life balance to general business advice. Each month, Rising Tide breaks down a theme the community wants to learn more about, like pricing or SEO. They send out a guide full of tips and also host in-person local meetups.

Examples of posts:

  • A customer received her product but then canceled the PayPal payment before it was transferred. What should I do?
  • I’m thinking of adding brand and website audits to my list of services. Is this something that would be helpful to other creative businesses?

How to join: Fill out this form on Honeybook’s website to get access. Then click the link to sign up on Facebook.

4. Boss Babes Business Finance

Good for: Business owners who want to talk about money without being judged.

# of members: 1,521

What people talk about: Their most honest tax and money questions. Recent topics include dealing with customer payments, cutting out unnecessary expenses, and lesser-known tactics for paying fewer business taxes.

Examples of posts:

  • What’s a recent tech win you had at your business?
  • How do you file quarterly state taxes?
  • Who are your financial idols?

Why Andi Smith started Boss Babes: “So often we focus on the acquisition of money and the practical side of managing money gets left out. The result is that many of us feel shameful of what we don’t know or what we’re doing wrong and, because of this shame, never talk about money. What I love about this group is that while we are having how to conversations about money, we’re also having emotional conversations. We’re bridging the gap between the practical side of money and the emotional side.

How to join: Apply here for access.

Best Facebook Groups for Female Entrepreneurs

5. Boss-Moms

Good for: Supermoms that double as super small business owners.

# of members: 34,258

What people talk about: This group specifically caters to mothers who are their own bosses, just like the name suggests. You’ll find a warm community of members supporting each other and swapping secrets for running a business while also raising kids.

Examples of posts:

  • What is the best software for scheduling appointments?
  • Is there a best day of the week and time to do Facebook Lives?

Why Leah Goodwin loves the group: I love Boss Moms because it is a very positive environment. Everyone is willing to help each other with whatever challenges they are facing. So if I have a business challenge that I am facing, I can post in the group and others will share what they did when they were in that situation. It saves me a lot of trial and error time.”

How to join: Apply here for access.

This next Facebook group isn’ t just for she-bosses, but can be useful for anyone looking for support from fellow entrepreneurs.

Best Facebook Groups for Female Entrepreneurs

6. Talk Shop (Gusto’s small business community)

Good for: All types of entrepreneurs, operations people, and small business owners—or anyone who finds themselves doing HR things.

# of members: 1,732

What people talk about: Everything that goes into running a small business effectively: recruiting, hiring, payroll, software recommendations, and other best practices.

Examples of posts:

  • What is the best option for hourly time tracking?
  • What are your top tips for managing remote employees?

Why Amy Peterson loves the group: “I think [Talk Shop is] really useful because you learn about things you wouldn’t even think of asking! I found out about two contractor onboarding software choices that I didn’t even know existed.”

How to join: Apply here for access.

When you’re on your own, a supportive Facebook group can be everything. You get multiple perspectives thanks to the deep knowledge of members who are on various legs of their business journeys. And when you’re a female entrepreneur, that support system can be just what you need to seriously crush it.

Kinjal Dagli Shah Kinjal Dagli Shah is a writer and journalist living in Toronto. She has worked in newsrooms in India, the US, and Canada over a span of 15 years and counting.
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