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How to double your revenue per partner

Research shows that a select few firms earn twice the normal revenue per partner. They appear to spend more on salaries, retain people longer, hire more operations staff, rely more on advisory, and do lots of other things differently. In this webinar, Caleb and Paul will break down nine ways you can behave more like those firms!

What you’ll learn

In this webinar, you’ll learn nine things double-revenue firms do differently. Our hosts will unpack:

How to think about and measure firm success

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Ways to create a workplace people love

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How to innovate your services

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Meet Caleb and Paul.

Gusto’s Editor-at-Large Caleb Newquist hosts this live session which features data from the AICPA MAP survey, with insights from guest speaker Paul Glantz, Founder and CPA at Launch Consulting, Inc..

Caleb Newquist, Editor-at-Large at Gusto

Caleb is a former CPA and the brains behind Gusto’s 60,000-strong newsletter for accountants, On The Margins. Sign up to get creative commentary on the world of accounting in your inbox.

Paul Glantz, Founder and CPA at Launch Consulting, Inc

Paul Glantz is a CPA in Austin, Texas and the founder of Launch Consulting Inc. Paul serves as a trusted advisor to entrepreneurs, technology businesses, and start-ups, providing strategic tax guidance and virtual accounting services. Follow him on LinkedIn.