The Big Four, and other large companies employ teams of economists and market analysts to keep track of the economy. That’s because research shows, clients want accountants who can place their advisory services in context and show up as strategic partners–and bonus, they’re willing to pay more for it. 

But most accounting firms do not have economists on staff. 

Fortunately, Gusto does—the Gustonomics team! As part of a new service to our firm partners, the Gustonomics team will bring quarterly updates on what accountants and their clients should expect from the economy in the coming months. We’re also including actionable advice to share with your clients to add even more value to your advisory services.

The first edition of the series launched at Gusto Next. Watch the first installment of The Economy Explained below:

Here’s a glimpse of what to expect.

In the economy, there are a lot of indicators floating around. The stock market, inflation, jobs numbers, interest rates, the list goes on. You don’t need us to tell you that it’s a lot.

In this video, Gusto’s head economist Liz Wilke centers around two big questions that are the most relevant for thinking about small business health over the next 3-6 months: 

  • Where are all the workers? Liz discusses the tight talent market that businesses are facing right now, and that many firm managers are facing as well. She also talks about when and by how much it will ease up (or not!)
  • And, how much longer will demand hold up? This is about the revenue side, and how long consumers are going to keep up the spending that makes up small business revenues. 

Your summary one-pager is ready to go.

Check out this one-pager you can use to share at your next client meeting or to spark strategic conversation. There’s even a space at the top for you to add your own logo! 

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Have some thoughts or feedback you’d like to share? Dive into discussion with our other accountant partners in this discussion board in Gusto Connect. Let’s bounce ideas and observations off of each other. 

Liz Wilke is a Principal Economist at Gusto, researching the state of work and business in the modern economy. She is a veteran of both the technology and government sectors, where she directed research programs and public spending that supports dynamic, resilient companies and workers across the globe. Liz currently lives in Washington, D.C.
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