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Nov ‘22 Gusto Updates: Firm management and client feature roundup

Shreyas Mecheri Product Marketing Manager 

At Gusto Next in September, we told you about Gusto Connect, Gusto Academy and People Analytics–truly impactful tools for the modern-day accountant.

Well, there’s more. Let’s talk about all of the other features we’ve recently released that make partnering with Gusto even more of a delight for both your firm and your clients!

Firm management features

We’ve streamlined several Firm Member Management tasks in Gusto Pro. You’ll notice pages load faster too. Here are some key changes:

  • If you run payroll for your firm using Gusto, the firm will no longer appear in the Clients list. We have consolidated all Firm related actions into the Gusto Pro Dashboard. Click Dashboard in your Gusto Pro account and look for “Run Payroll” or “Manage your Firm” on the right side of the page. Payroll admins can also get to the firm’s payroll experience by switching the company account they are working on. Do this by clicking on your name at the top right corner of the page in Gusto.
  • If you want to assign clients to or change access permissions for a specific firm member, head over to the Firm directory in Gusto Pro. Here you’ll see a searchable list of firm members. Select a firm member to add or remove clients and update the firm member’s permissions for accessing a specific client’s details. Learn more about this feature here.
  • Have you integrated Ignition with Gusto? Following a period of beta testing, Smart Billing is now available to Ignition customers using Gusto. Activate Smart Billing on services that have a variable-unit price type directly from Ignition’s editor function. By syncing Ignition with Gusto to get employee headcount data, Gusto Partners can automate the billing of any service that is priced per employee. Examples include billing for a Gusto software subscription, or a payroll service price per employee. Check out this step-by-step guide to set up Smart Billing.

Staying updated with important emails

Earlier this year, we introduced features to give accountants more control and context over the emails you get from Gusto Pro. We have now launched a similar experience for employers and enhanced the accountant’s options so everyone has fewer emails, while staying updated with important information.

As an accountant, you can now set a Default setting that can be used for ALL current and future clients. You can find this option by clicking on Settings and then Notifications in your Gusto Pro account, or by clicking on the options at the bottom of an email notification you receive from us.

Employers/your clients can also select what emails they want to receive from the Gusto platform by choosing from several categories. The full list of email categories to opt in is here

Help clients stay compliant

As an accountant, helping your clients stay on top of their tax filings is important to you. On our new Tax Accounts page, employers can see their accounts with State and Local tax agencies. Customers can take action on their accounts such as removing filing blockers. Navigate to the Tax Accounts page by clicking Taxes and Compliance in the employer account. Then, click Tax Setup and find the Tax Accounts rile on the right. Read more about closing or reopening a state or local tax account here. 

Making sure work addresses are up-to-date is critical for payroll accuracy and compliance. Payroll admins can manage their ever-growing company address list more efficiently on the Company details page. Company details page now shows the number of active company locations.  On the Company locations page, it is now easier to find and sort locations, including knowing if an address is a remote location. Read more about editing company details here.

Screenshot of Gusto's  Company details page

All about expenses

Payroll admins who have the expense feature turned on can run an “Expense Report” to generate a summary report of reimbursed expenses and more easily review and analyze expense data. The report can have a 90 day date range and expense data can be grouped by “check date,” by “employee” or by “expense category.” The report can be a PDF or CSV format. Read more on how to view and download reports 

Speaking of expenses, you may know that Plus and Premium plan customers can reimburse employees for expenses using the Expenses feature. Now, the “Expense Date” will be required when adding an Expense to Gusto. This will be displayed in the “date” column on the Expenses Page, and within Expense Details, giving employees and admins the capability to understand when the expense transaction occurred. 

Employee onboarding

Bringing a new team member on board is exciting! We have feature updates that help employers make the onboarding processes as smooth as possible, including an updated experience to add a new employee.

Now all management of team members takes place within the Team Members page (you may have used the Hire & Onboard page previously). Let’s say an employer wants to add someone to their Gusto account as a candidate, send them an offer letter and run a background check.

To add a person as a candidate, go to the People section and select Team Members. Then click “Add a team member” in the “Candidate” tile and then click “Add”. 

Customers on all Gusto plans can now run background checks on new hires and current employees or contractors. This helpful feature can be accessed through the Background Checks tile in the Gusto account which is in the Hiring Tools section. Here’s a support article to get you started on the process.

If the candidate signs the offer, you can complete their onboarding and add them to payroll. And now Gusto assigns each employee a unique identifier, their Gusto employee ID. The 6-character alphanumeric ID (e.g. 5G9934) is securely generated and randomly assigned. As an accountant, you may find it helpful for record keeping or if you are running payroll with CSV files.

Getting your new hire up and running is easier when you can give them access to all the software they need from Gusto instead of having to login to each and every system a company uses. Now employers on Plus and Premium plans can create a Docusign account for new employees from Gusto. DocuSign is a key part of the tech stack for many firms and employers to manage electronic agreements. Head over to integrations to learn more.

Shreyas Mecheri
Shreyas Mecheri My job is to understand and relay accountants' needs within Gusto. Prior, I served the profession for nearly 13 years at the AICPA. I have always been in awe of how accountants help their clients respond to and grow with ever-changing legislative and social trends. I live in beautiful North Carolina and love a good bad accounting pun.
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