Welcome to Gusto’s new quarterly partner updates series! As Gusto’s head of the accountant community, I couldn’t be more excited to do a deep dive, every quarter, into our latest product updates, app partnerships, accountant resources and more. In addition to the updates, you’ll get recommendations from me to consider as to how your team can implement these updates at your practices and firms.

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Together, we will continue our mutual mission to create a world where work (and business ownership) empowers a better life – for everyone, everywhere. Any questions, please leave me a comment below. Thanks for watching this quarterly partner update covering the months of May through July. Enjoy!

Aug 2019 | Gusto’s Quarterly Accountant Updates

Show notes:

1:35 – Welcome to Gusto’s Quarterly Partner Updates!
5:30 – What is Gusto’s mission with its people platform?
11:02 – What’s new this quarter? Badges, expanded Benefits,
26:52 – Recent Gusto partnerships; Zipbooks, Veryfi, Accelo and ClienTrak

30:42 – New Gusto partner resources content
35:07 – Coming soon to Gusto (sneak peeks!) Cashout
43:50 – Questions & Answers with Will Lopez

Learn about how you can partner with Gusto: https://gusto.com/partners/accountants

About Gusto: Gusto serves over 100,000 small businesses nationwide, providing intuitive and simple payroll, benefits, and HR solutions through our people platform. We believe great businesses treat their employees like people, not ID numbers—and we’re building a world to empower organizations to do just that.

Will Lopez Will Lopez is Gusto's Head Ambassador to accountant partners and customers. Previously, he empowered accountants as Head of Community & Education. He has dedicated his career to supporting accounting professionals and small businesses with more than 20 years of public- and private-sector experience, including founding and building a modern, cloud-based accounting firm.
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