There are lots of ways to grow your firm with Gusto.

From reimagining payroll into a high-margin service by pairing it with People Advisory to saving clients so much time and money they’re able to pay you for more strategic services, we’re endlessly blown away by the volume and variety of what accounting professionals come up with.

Just take Acuity, which turned Gusto’s R&D Tax Credit Services into a $250,000 line of business with tons of upside. Or hiline, which spends 50 percent less time on payroll. Or the tens of thousands of accountant partners who turn Gusto’s partner program into a recurring revenue team by referring clients

To make figuring out your own firm’s path easier, we’ve compiled these Gusto marketing materials to make co-marketing simple.

How to explain Gusto to your clients

Gusto is a modern HR platform for payroll, benefits, and more. The “platform” part is important—we’ve wrapped lots of helpful services around a core of payroll so business owners have nearly everything they need to manage and empower people. For example, Gusto includes recruiting tools, new hire offer templates, performance reviews, and integrations with benefits providers like retirement, health insurance, and more. 

Business owners love Gusto’s friendly interface, as well as the emails it sends them about paperwork the platform has already filed for them and which they needn’t worry about.

Accounting professionals appreciate the simple dashboard for managing many clients, controlling what emails they receive, and doing things like running off-cycle payroll. 

A one-pager for accounting professionals (like you!)

A one-pager for your client

Emails you can send to explain Gusto

Explain People Advisory to your clients

A deck to present Gusto to your clients

How to stay up to date (and earn CPE while you’re at it)

Gusto is always innovating. How do you learn what’s new? Your best resource is a program we call The Quarterly Scoop, where we present quarterly updates to our platform and partner program, often presented by an accountant from the community. (All Gusto partners are automatically signed up for this. If you aren’t, ask your partner advisor for help.) 

Stay signed up for The Quarterly Scoop for early updates

Read what’s new on the Gusto blog for accountants

Find new research and CPE webinars on Gusto’s resources page

How to launch new services based on payroll and build your career

As we mentioned in the introduction, you can build service offerings on top of Gusto’s platform. It could be as simple as managed payroll, or as complex as outsourced CFO services that include a layer of People Advisory. In the webinar below, Paul Glantz, Co-Founder and Director of Tax at Walker Glantz, explores research on how to build your firm—with ideas for service offerings. 

Get Gusto Payroll certified

Get People Advisory certified

Get People Advisory Accelerator certified

Plus, ideas for service offerings: 

How Acuity built a $250k line of business with the help of Gusto’s R&D Tax Credit Service 

How Furey provides advanced payroll reporting for startups using Gusto

How hiline built a fast-growing HR and payroll offering with Gusto 

How to add Gusto to your website and materials

Over 200,000 businesses rely on Gusto. Adding the Gusto logo as well as your certification badges to your website and marketing materials can help reassure clients about how knowledgeable and software-savvy you are.

Tips on designing a beautiful landing page 

Examples of landing page designs to borrow

Screenshots of Gusto’s software you can use

Gusto’s logo

(Pro tip: To get a custom-branded logo like the one below, ask your partner advisor.)

Foundational marketing tips for growing firms

Not sure where to begin looking for new clients? We have a few resources for you, including the webinar below where Gusto’s Chief Revenue Officer Tolithia Kornweibel explains how to run your marketing by the numbers. We also wrote a guide with 15 tips for accounting professionals who don’t really love the idea of marketing. 

Questions? Need more Gusto marketing materials that you’re not finding? Reach out to your partner advisor and let us know. 

Shreyas Mecheri My job is to understand and relay accountants' needs within Gusto. Prior, I served the profession for nearly 13 years at the AICPA. I have always been in awe of how accountants help their clients respond to and grow with ever-changing legislative and social trends. I live in beautiful North Carolina and love a good bad accounting pun.
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