9 Small Businesses We’re Celebrating This Valentine’s Day

Gusto Editors

Small and growing businesses are at the heart of Gusto’s mission. So in honor of Valentine’s Day, we asked our employees (fondly known as Gusties) to share their stories of some of their favorite small businesses from their very own community and spread the #SmallBizLove. Here are 9 of them. 

Hume Supernatural

Nominated by: Liberty P., Environment Team at Gusto

What they say: My family and I have incredibly sensitive skin types. Hume was the only thing we found that was non-toxic & actually worked AND I felt it was safe to use when I was pregnant. Thank you, Hume, for making my family smell good.

Check out Hume Supernatural’s website here.

Sister Pie

Nominated by: Daron S., Product Design at Gusto

What they say: Sister Pie isn’t just a beloved bakery—it’s a gathering place that radiates open-heartedness, an early morning Thanksgiving tradition for many Detroiters, a committed supporter of local farming, and (my favorite) a non-stop dance party. Thanks for being such a big part of the Detroit community, Sister Pie! 

Check out Sister Pie’s website here.

The Lotus Method

Nominated by: Tina P., Product and Integrated Marketing at Gusto

What they say: As an older mom (over 40), I was worried about possible pregnancy complications when I got pregnant with my second child. The Lotus Method’s personalized approach to workouts not only helped me stay physically fit during pregnancy but also empowered me for a smooth delivery experience. I wholeheartedly recommend The Lotus Method for expecting moms.

Check out The Lotus Method’s website here.

Ten Little

Nominated by: Valerie N., Concierge Care at Gusto

What they say: Ten Little’s shoes are the only shoes I swear by for my toddler. She started walking and received her first pair, and we haven’t been able to justify using any other brand. Amazing first pair of shoes for kids to learn/practice walking for the first time. Having these as her first pair of shoes made the introduction of footwear to my toddler an excellent experience where it’s not a hassle to leave the house because she loves to put on her shoes.  

Check out Ten Little’s website here.

Tidal Wave Response

Nominated by: Josh N., Engineering at Gusto

What they say: We had a burst pipe in our home that flooded our bathroom. It stinks to have to deal with water damage, but Tidal Wave took out SO MUCH of the stress of the situation.  

Check out Tidal Wave Response’s website here.

Girlfriend Collective

Nominated by: Brielle B., Vendor Operations at Gusto

What they say: As a work-from-home girl, activewear is my uniform. Girlfriend Collective makes me feel good about the clothes I am buying. Thank you for prioritizing sustainability, choosing ethical partners/manufacturing, and for making the best activewear ever!! 

Check out Girlfriend Collective’s website here.

Tiny Dino

Nominated by: Tamekah E., People Team at Gusto

What they say: Tiny Dino is a small business doing BIG THINGS and employs really dope creatives. Most recently they worked on the Barbie movie where they did a BTS feature showing how they included on-screen ASL captioning, a first for WB’s Max platform. It’s really nice to see a small creative agency led by women doing such top notch and inclusive work.

Check out Tiny Dino’s website here.

Andy’s Pizza

Nominated by: Steve A., Policy at Gusto

What they say: It is the only pizza place my 6-year-old daughter requests by name. She gets very excited every time we order it. I have introduced this pizza place to multiple friends, and it has become their go-to NY-style pizza place.

My favorite thing from Andy’s Pizza: Diavolo Pie, spicy ricotta for the win! Everything you want in a pizza: Spicy, creamy, meaty! 

Check out Andy’s Pizza’s website here.

Toasted Life

Nominated by: Tamekah E., People Team at Gusto

What they say: Toasted Life is a growing brand that provides dozens of lifestyle events and experiences across the country every year. Never been to a Toasted event I didn’t like. They’re a great reflection of what it looks like to elevate and celebrate the culture. 

Check out Toasted Life’s website here.

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