The Local Holiday Gift Guide: SF Bay Area Edition

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Let your holiday shopping journey be as iconic as the Golden Gate Bridge. Support local businesses that capture the creative essence of the Bay Area.

For the crafter: Jenny Lemons

Why you should support this business: If you’re looking to unleash your inner artist, this is the place for you. Bonus: They love to carry work from local artisans.

Potential gifts: Pink Cherry Fake Cake Craft Kit, Beaded Hot Dog Pouch, Peeled Banana Charm Earrings

Check out Jenny Lemons’ website here

For the chef: Oaktown Spice Shop

Why you should support this business: Because everyone’s homemade casserole this holiday season could use a little more seasoning. 

Potential gifts: Around the World Gift Box, Ground Ghost Chile Pepper, Tonic Water Kit

Check out Oaktown Spice Shop’s website here

For the fashionable homebody: Birdies 

Why you should support this business: For Birdies, stylish and comfortable don’t have to be mutually exclusive. Their pairs of shoes were built to be glam and cozy at the same time — and are perfectly usable as outdoor shoes, too. 

Potential gifts: The Goldfinch in Caviar Velvet Jeweled Bracelet, The Heron in Royal Blue Velvet, The Roadrunner in Ivy Multi Mesh

Check out Birdies’ website here

For the competitive friend: Stagecoach Greens

Why you should support this business: You can play a round of mini-golf while also exploring the history of San Francisco at each interactive hole. 

Potential gifts: Book a holiday party, or just take a friend out for a spin on the course

Check out Stagecoach Greens’ website here

For the fried chicken fan: Minnie Bell’s Soul Movement

Why you should support this business: Inspired by her great aunt Minnie and her grandmother Bell, Fernay McPherson decided to become a cook. Now she runs a business with a deliciously Southern menu with rosemary fried chicken, braised greens, cornbread, and more. 

Potential gifts: A gift card from $10 to $2,000

Check out Minnie Bell’s Soul Movement’s website here

For the intentional consumer: Palm and Perkins

Why you should support this business: “Nurturing a slow, more thoughtful lifestyle” is how Palm + Perkins describes their philosophy — and sure enough, they live it, as evidenced by their focus on high-quality and sustainable goods. 

Potential gifts: WVN Becca Dress, Fair and Simple Beaded Fringe Earrings in Sol, Anchal Project Crossbody Belt Bag

Check out Palm + Perkins’ website here

For the wine-lover: Decant SF

Why you should support this business: This woman-owned and queer-owned business is dedicated to making the wine community more accessible to all. Plus, they even have alcohol-free spirit options for the sober friend. 

Potential gifts: 3-Month Subscription to the Bottle Cult, Abstinence Spirits – Cape Citrus Alcohol Free Spirit, Tasting Journal – 33 Bottles of Wine

Check out Decant SF’s website here

For the bookworm: Fabulosa Books

Why you should support this business: You can find all types of genres at this small bookstore, from cookbooks to sci-fi, but Fabulosa Books’ true specialty is LGBTQ+ books. 

Potential gifts: All Boys Aren’t Blue: A Memoir-Manifesto, The Death of Vivek Oji, The Collected Poems of Audre Lorde

Check out their website here

For the bold and elegant friend: Fiat Lux

Why you should support this business: This jewelry shop in the Mission and Pacific Heights district mixes high-end with bold. 

Potential gifts: Marisa Petite Earrings, Pendant Wax Carving Workshop, Pendulum Dangle

Check out Fiat Lux’s website here

For the DIY-er: Yellow Owl Workshop

Why you should support this business: Take an eco-loving philosophy and add bright colors, and you’ve got Yellow Owl Workshop, which carries an array of quirky and uniquely crafted items, from socks and earrings to DIY kits. 

Potential gifts: Xmas Sweater Crew Socks, OJ & Egg Hoop Earrings, Carve-A-Stamp Kit

Check out Yellow Owl Workshop’s website here

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