The Local Holiday Gift Guide: Phoenix Edition

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Unwrap the spirit of Phoenix by supporting these local businesses. From soy candles to high-end coffee blends, find holiday gifts and experiences as warm and bright as the Arizona sun.

For the cozy one: Mame Soy Candles

Why you should support this business: Hand-poured and hand-blended, the candles at Mame Soy Candles are intentionally made in small batches to ensure quality over quantity. Plus, they come in incredibly unique scents. 

Potential gifts: Cozy Winter Nights Candle, Bergamot/Black Cherry/Amber Candle

Check out Mame Soy Candles’ website here

For the dancer: Studance Labs

Why you should support this business: Owner Bonita Saldaña has created a special, welcoming space to nurture future artists through the medium of dance. 

Potential gifts: Ballet/jazz, hip-hop/break, musical theatre classes, and more

Check out Studance Labs’ website here

For the homebody: Local Nomad

Why you should support this business: “Slow fashion” is Local Nomad’s middle name, and they’re uniquely focused on curating handcrafted goods from independent makers around the world. 

Potential gifts: Squiggle Mug, Monstera Leaf Ornament, Patina Stacked Light Catcher

Check out Local Nomad’s website here

For the macabre friend: Curious Nature Shop

Why you should support this business: If acrylic specimens, framed insects, ouija boards, and rare antiques make your heart sing, step right in. 

Potential gifts: Entomology Class, Antique Ouija Board, Brass Cicada Earrings

Check out Curious Nature Shop’s website here. 

For an authentic Puerto Rican dinner: Phoenix Coqui

Why you should support this business: The food is authentic, delicious, and even includes gluten-free options. Plus, the love story behind how the business came to life is heart-warming: Co-owner Alexis quit his job to move to Puerto Rico, where he met his now-partner, Juan. Then they moved back to Phoenix to start a restaurant together—and the rest is history.

Potential gifts: Gift your friend a voucher. Alternately, bring them over for mofongo, empanadillas, and tostones.

Check out Phoenix Coqui’s website here

For the athlete: TriCore Fitness

Why you should support this business: Half gym, half Pilates studio, TriCore is founded on the belief that mind, body, and spirit are all connected, and is dedicated to helping customers make headway on their fitness journey. 

Potential gifts: An Elite Membership, which allows your gift-receiver to work out up to 6 times a week in a small group setting. Memberships also include other tiers.

Check out TriCore Fitness’s website here

For the caffeine fiend: Provision Coffee

Why you should support this business: You’ll never get a coffee you’ve tasted before with Provision Coffee’s carefully curated selection of blends from around the world. 

Potential gifts: Colombian Aponte’s Honey Coffee, Christmas Cactus Coffee Blend, Chemex 6-Cup Coffee Maker

Check out Provision Coffee’s website here

For the bookworm: Page Petal

Why you should support this business: One look at any of the beautiful pressed petal bookmarks will have you searching for a book to use them on. 

Potential gifts: Custom bookmarks made with the flowers, quotes, or photos of your choice; pre-made bookmarks based on your favorite book series; Reader’s Pouch

Check out Page Petal’s website here

For the flannel enthusiast: Rebel Reaper Clothing Company

Why you should support this business: They’ve given a subtle but bold twist to the flannel. Plus, if you’re looking for an edgier wardrobe, they carry plenty of apparel options to help you swap in new items. 

Potential gifts: Hellraiser Men’s Flannel, Green Chino Pants, Green Camo Lightweight Gloves

Check out Rebel Reaper’s website here

For the flower-lover: Form Floral

Why you should support this business: While Form Floral specializes in weddings, their glorious blooms are great for sprucing up your window sill anyday. 

Potential gifts: Daddy’s Kissing Santa Bouquet, The Winter Warmer Blooms, The Classic Holiday Roses

Check out Form Floral’s website here.

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