Gusto COO Lexi Reese and Lead Financial Services Counsel Jeanette Quick Publish Op-Ed Calling for Congress to Help Small Businesses Make It Through the Winter

Gusto Editors

On November 9, 2020, Gusto COO Lexi Reese and Lead Counsel for Financial Services Jeanette Quick published an op-ed calling for immediate aid to provide small business owners with the resources and flexibility to operate safely through the winter.

Nearly 98,000 U.S. small businesses have closed permanently during the pandemic. Millions of additional jobs will be lost unless Congress takes immediate, targeted action to help these businesses make it through the winter. Reese and Quick recommend an immediate federal aid package that includes winter expenses like outdoor heaters in forgivable loans and tax incentives, provides funding for masks, gloves, and shields, and offers a general winter tax credit for the hardest-hit businesses.

Read the full op-ed here.

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