Every once in a while, we’d like to showcase a member of our growing team at Gusto by asking him or her five questions. This week, we want to highlight one of our friendly support team members, Travis Schlueter-Beckner.

1. If you could craft the perfect sandwich, what would it be?

The perfect sandwich is a BLT club, because arguably the best ingredient is bacon. I’m talking crispy bacon, not the soft bacon. You add some romaine lettuce and some fresh tomato (off the vine). Since I’ve adopted San Francisco as my home, I’ll use sourdough bread. Then I’d spread some Miracle Whip Light for that extra tanginess. I take my time when I make my famous BLT sandwiches; I don’t just throw them together. Sometimes, twenty minutes will have passed after I’m finished making my sandwich. This is serious business.

2. If you were to open a small business, what would it be?

Since it’s fashionable (pun-intended) these days, I’d make an “Uber for Haircuts.” One of our hairstyle specialists will pick you up from your home or office and escort you to one of a few scenic vistas so you can get a haircut with a beautiful view. As an additional feature, you can also pet a kitten while getting a haircut.

3. What was the last favor someone did for you?

While I was in LA recently, a friend of mine pet-sat my cats. I have two cats Kaile (a tuxedo) and Bob Hope (a black & white domestic short-hair). Bob Hope is named after the airport because that’s where I rescued him.

4. What got you excited about Gusto? 

I like that we’re taking on the status quo of payroll and doing something fresh and different. Payroll is a dilemma that all businesses face. It’s great that we can help companies easily and accurately pay their employees and pay the government. What really cinched the offer was talking to all three founders and hearing how passionate and excited they were.

5. Every Gusto employee gets a free round-trip plane ticket to anywhere in the world on their one-year anniversary. Where do you think you’ll go and why?

I’d go to Japan. I’ve always had a fascination with Japanese culture, whether it’s watching anime (my favorite anime is Neon Genesis Evangelion), playing Nintendo, or just reading about its rich history. I’d not just visit the cities. I’d want to visit the countryside too–the mountains and the forests, temples hidden on distant hills covered with blooming cherry blossoms, like a scene out of Spirited Away.

Travis Schlueter-Beckner is a Customer Advocate. You can find him on LinkedIn.

We love our customers at Gusto. If you’re interested in joining Travis and our growing team, check us out.

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