Gusto Joins the Fintech Equality Coalition

Gusto Editors

Gusto is proud to announce that it has joined the Fintech Equality Coalition (Coalition), an organization of businesses in the financial technology space united in committing to racial equality in financial services. In carrying out that mission, the Coalition focuses on enhancing access to financial services and career growth for underrepresented communities, particularly the Black community. The Coalition recognizes that the Black community and its voices are underserved and under-included in the financial services and technology industries. Gusto is proud to join the Coalition and excited to work with its members towards a more equitable and inclusive financial ecosystem.

Joining the Coalition is the next step in Gusto’s long-standing efforts to support small businesses, especially those owned by women and people of color. Joining this organization is another way to make change and aligns with Gusto’s continued role in founding and chairing the Small Business Relief Council (SBRC), a cross-industry coalition of organizations representing millions of small businesses during the COVID-19 recovery.

As part of the Coalition, Gusto will publish a public plan addressing how it will tackle some of these racial disparities in the fintech space and contribute to the Coalition’s annual report, which aggregates diversity data and progress made by the Coalition. Gusto also joins the Coalition’s working groups focused on advocating for laws to create more inclusive financial services, sharing best practices in improving Black employee advancement, and supporting one another in developing accessible and inclusive products and marketing practices.

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