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[Roundup] 2022 Gusto Updates to Help Your Business

Ingrid Bernaudin Head of product at Gusto 

Running a business is hard work on the easiest of days. Throw in supply chain issues, increased labor costs, a shift to remote work, a highly competitive job market, a nationwide inflation crisis (should we go on?), and it’s even harder.

But don’t worry. We’re here to help you work smarter, not harder. That’s why we’re always improving Gusto—so that growing businesses like yours can access the tools they need to hire, onboard, pay, and manage their teams, all in one place.

Finish your workflows faster and more efficiently

When running a business, every second counts. That’s why we made usability and performance improvements that make it easy for you to complete the work you need to do. For larger companies, Gusto loads nearly 50% faster than before.1 And we continue to support all the robust features you expect – like unlimited payroll and benefits administration.

1. NEW! Time tracking for multiple pay schedules  [Plus and Premium] 

Track the time and attendance of your employees and automatically sync the hours to payroll, reducing manual errors and giving you peace of mind. Previously, we only supported one pay schedule or hourly pay schedule. Now, we support multiple pay schedules for “employee” and by “department.” 

2. NEW! Redesigned payroll dashboard

A revamped dashboard that helps you prioritize which payrolls to run and better visibility into important pay milestones in a new pay calendar.

3. COMING SOON! Payroll totals that update automatically as you go.

When you’re running payroll, all of your inputs (such as hours, salaries, and payment types) will automatically update in the total, so you can track it as you go and better ensure accuracy with your records. And you can even dig deeper into wages and earnings at the click of a button. 

4. NEW! Manage Google Workspace in Gusto

You can now manage your Google Workspace account in Gusto providing you “all in one” visibility on cost and usages, making real-time adjustments a breeze. Get 10% off your monthly Google Workspace subscription for 3 months when you transfer your account to Gusto.

5. NEW! Easier benefits applications and enrollment.

We’ve made a lot of improvements so you can get benefits faster—such as reviewing all plans before you apply. Your insurance is quickly fulfilled through direct connections with some insurance carriers. This can help you shop more confidently, know the exact costs of your plan, and get your team enrolled in insurance in less time.

6. NEW! Integrate with new 401(k) providers

Now you can sync eligible 401(k) plans right into Gusto, which means less manual work for you. That’s right—we’re talking contribution deductions, synced employee data, and in most cases, automatic fund transfers. We integrate with Fidelity, Empower, Human Interest2 and Betterment at Work,3 with more providers coming soon. Don’t have a 401(k) plan? No worries—our preferred provider, Guideline,4 offers low fees and plans can be set up in 20 minutes.

7. NEW! Automatic health elections for Guardian

Health elections with Guardian are now automatically sent and processed by our carrier partner Guardian. That means no extra paperwork or contacting the carrier directly—we can broker and administer on your behalf.

Better handle compliance, contractor payments, and earn up to $250k in tax credits

Taxes, credits, and compliance are critical to running your business. We’ve been hard at work building new ways to help you protect your team, save money, and even access savings you didn’t know you had. Plus, we can keep you up to date on government regulations and policies to help you stay compliant with the IRS and Department of Labor.

1. Pay International contractors in 100+ countries.

Start scaling your team in new ways. Eligible businesses can now make cross-border international contractor payments in more than 100 countries. 

2. NEW! Manage accounts on a new Tax Accounts Page 

Get clearer guidance on where and how you’re required to file taxes with state & federal agencies. We’ll help keep you compliant even if your employee works in different states.  You can open and close tax accounts directly in Gusto with a few clicks.

3. Uncover hidden savings with R&D tax credits.

Gusto’s R&D Tax Credit Service automatically scans your payroll and expense data to help identify qualifying research-related expenses and potential federal and state R&D tax credits. We prep the forms, do the recordkeeping, and can manage disbursement, making it easy for your company to take advantage of this valuable government program.

Nurture and support your team with powerful HR tools.

Gusto helps you make your dream team a reality with tools to hire top talent, onboard new hires quickly, develop employee skill sets, and keep your team engaged. We’ve made a number of additions this year to help you take care of your team even more. Keep in mind: these features are available in our Plus and Premium plans.

1. NEW! Add multiple admins to the HR Resource Center  [Plus add-on and Premium plans]

The HR Resource Center, powered by Mineral, has a new look and improved access for more of your company’s admins. This valuable resource provides easy-to-use HR guides, policy templates, and so much more. And don’t forget, if you need extra help, you also have direct access to certified HR experts.

2. NEW! Post jobs on sites like Linkedin, Indeed, and 100+ more  [Plus and Premium]  

Now you can post roles on your favorite job boards like Linkedin, Indeed, and 100+ more. Gusto Hiring makes it easy to bring on top talent with tools to manage job postings, keep candidates in one place, and collect responses from your interview team. 

3. NEW! Track your team’s goals and progress  [Premium] 

With Goal Tracking, your team can now record and manage goals in Gusto. Admins and managers can get quick insights on goal statuses and progress. You can even view goals alongside performance reviews to make sure your team is on track. 

4. NEW! Engage your team with comprehensive performance reviews  [Premium] 

Now you can get peer feedback from anyone on your team—enabling upward, downward, peer, and self-reviews to supercharge performance reviews. Incorporate the feedback into performance reviews to have meaningful conversations and help employees grow. Already have a favorite tool? We integrate with top partners like Lattice and 15Five.

It’s no secret. 2022 has been tough for businesses everywhere. But that just makes our work more important. As we approach 2023 our focus is providing you with the tools you need to run your business effectively and accurately—whether that’s paying your team, onboarding a new hire, offering a different insurance plan, or something else. At the end of the day, Gusto doesn’t succeed unless you do too.

So thanks for partnering with us, and here’s to a prosperous new year!

1Data for employers above 25 employees using Gusto Payroll. Data is compared from October 2021 to March 2022.

2Gusto has a partnership with Human Interest and will be compensated if you hire Human Interest. Gusto and its representatives are not affiliated with or employed by Human Interest. For the full disclosures, refer here.

3Paid non-client of Betterment. Views may not be representative, see more reviews at G2. Learn more about Gusto’s relationship with Betterment.

4Gusto is not a client of Guideline. Guideline pays a fee for each 401(k) and SEP IRA client referred by Gusto as outlined in our written solicitation arrangement with Gusto. We’ll provide additional disclosures prior to opening an account with Guideline. Learn more here.

Ingrid Bernaudin
Ingrid Bernaudin Ingrid is head of product at Gusto, focusing on Employers, Growth and R&D Tax Credits (Ardius). She is passionate about reimagining the future of Payroll and obsessed with our mission to help businesses achieve their wildest dreams. Follow Ingrid on LinkedIn and Twitter.
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