The Local Holiday Gift Guide: Denver Edition

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Celebrate the holidays by treating your loved ones to everything from craft kits to archery dodgeball games in the Mile-High City. Discover the magic of Denver’s local shops and businesses with our Denver holiday gift guide.

For the dandy: Knotty Tie

Why you should support this business: Everyone deserves a tie this fresh. Plus, the company reuses plastic waste for their products and has made an explicit effort to support and employee refugees. 

Potential gifts: Colorado State Heritage Necktie, Cap Hill Street Art Bow Tie, Customizable Solid Suspenders

Check out Knotty Tie’s website here

For the caffeine fiend: Huckleberry Roasters 

Why you should support this business: The variety of national and international coffees will give you plenty of options to perk up your mornings. 

Potential gifts: Blue Orchid Blend – 3 Month Subscription, El Salvador Productores Cafénor, Colorful Colorado Mug

Check out Huckleberry Roasters’ website here

For the happy hour friend: Novel Strand Brewing Company 

Why you should support this business: It began as a joke between three friends who talked about starting a brewery together one day. This joke eventually became reality and the three friends banded together to build this laidback beer-loving establishment from scratch. 

Potential gifts: Novel Strand Brewing Company Gift Card, Pocket Koozie

Check out Novel Strand’s website here

For the homebody: The Weathered Wick

Why you should support this business: We all need to spruce up our homes with a scent every now and then. 

Potential gifts: Build Your Own Candle, Stone Vessel Collection

Check out The Weathered Wick’s website here. 

For the cheese fanatic: So Damn Gouda

Why you should support this business: The variety of platters is every cheese connoisseur’s dream. 

Potential gifts: The Holidazzler Signature Seasonal Tray, every cheese under the sun from German Butterkase to Blu del Moncenisio

Check out So Damn Gouda’s website here

For the environmentalist: Refillanthropy

Why you should support this business: This zero-waste market is hyper-focused on helping the planet by cutting back on single-use plastics and offering sustainable housewares. 

Potential gifts: Viori Beauty – Rice Water Body Wash Soap Bar, Cheeks Ahoy – Hemp + Bamboo Facial Rounds – Set of 12, Crackle Glaze Tea Infuser Mug

Check out Refillanthropy’s website here

For the glam friend: Link x Lou 

Why you should support this business: Link x Lou offers jewelry with an interesting twist: all bracelets, anklets, necklaces, and rings are “permanent,” meaning that they’re welded around a person and not meant to be taken off. 

Potential gifts: The Celeste Necklace, The Figaro Ring, The Box Link Bracelet

Check out Link x Lou’s website here

For the flower-lover: Fresh Sends

Why you should support this business: Fresh Sends is not just about the flowers — it’s about reinventing the “gifting” process and making it more meaningful. 

Potential gifts: The Santa Send

Check out Fresh Sends’ website here

For the DIY friend: Fancy Tiger Crafts

Why you should support this business: This worker-owned co-op is a surefire way to supercharge anyone’s craft-making skills.

Potential gifts: Cozy Cloud Slipper Kit, Crochet Basics and Beyond Online Class

Check out Fancy Tiger Crafts’ website here. 

For the friend who’s not afraid to get their hands dirty: Denver Tool Library

Why you should support this business: The Denver Tool Library not only provides workshops on how to use different tools but also provides low-cost access to their tools for people who would otherwise not be able to afford them. 

Potential gifts: Woodworking Class, Power Tools 101

Check out The Denver Tool Library’s website here

For the thrill-seeker: Archery Games Denver

Why you should support this business: You get to point a bow and arrow (no pointy end) at your friends if you reserve a game. 

Potential gifts: A good old game of archery dodgeball

Check out Archery Games Denver’s website here.

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