You may have heard of money stuffed in couches and under the mattress, but how about in the walls? Andy Frank, Founder and President of Sealed, is on a mission to bring energy efficiency to residential homeowners and he’s convinced you have untapped savings in your home—in your walls, appliances, and water heater.

As a long-time professional in the clean energy space, Andy has seen energy efficiency grow to rival clean energy options like solar and wind. This is because the ROI for energy efficiency is historically higher than new renewable generation. While the energy efficiency industry grew, however, much of the activity focused on commercial properties.

Andy was frustrated there wasn’t more being done to help individual homeowners, especially since a few hundred dollars of energy savings per month meant more to a family than a corporation. This is why he founded Sealed — to provide an energy efficiency savings option to families typically reserved for large commercial property owners.

Local home energy efficiency contractors can guarantee savings with Sealed’s proprietary software. Traditional engineering models deploy a bottoms-up approach to estimate optimal energy consumption. Sealed, on the other hand, takes a statistical approach to their estimates across a portfolio of homes. For example, if your energy consumption was much higher than similar homes in your area, that could raise a red flag under the Sealed model.

Sealed’s models are so accurate, Sealed is able to guarantee energy savings for every customer it takes on. In a customer engagement, Sealed acts as the billing agent on behalf of the utilities, so you get a Sealed Energy Bill (with a detailed breakdown of your energy consumption and savings) instead of the typical utility bill. All this is made possible through Sealed’s software solution.


For Andy, success at Sealed meant: “starting from first principles—what just makes sense, not do what is incremental. Sealed wants to completely reinvent how they receive home energy efficiency savings and what they expect from their utility.” This is perhaps why Andy is so drawn to Gusto and our modern solution to compensation. According to Andy:

“Gusto is one of the most intuitive software solutions I’ve used. Whenever I need to find something, it’s really easy to do. To have something that I don’t have to worry about is a huge stress reliever.”

In addition to Gusto, Andy and Sealed also use other modern software solutions like Asana, Boomerang, Rapportive, Dropbox, Zapier, and Streak.

Sealed currently serves customers in the Northeast (New York) and Midwest (Illinois). To find out more about Andy Frank and Sealed, visit them on the web or social media (Facebook, Twitter).

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