We’re big fans of our customers. Shouting-from-the-stands, waving-ludicrously-oversized-foam-fingers-type fans. When they show love (via Twitter, our support squad, or carrier pigeon), we show love back. As such, we’re kicking off (pun intended) a new series called “Gusto Heroes,” which highlights just how how much we love the businesses who use us. 

To those who ask, “Are you really able to cram that much wonderful into one blog post? Or will you explode from the sheer, all-consuming, ardent amount of love here?” To which we say, we don’t know. But we’re sure going to try! 

“Let food be thy medicine, thy medicine shall be thy food.” — Hippocrates

Smart guy, that Hippocrates! This edition of Gusto Heroes will feature some of our favorite customers that satisfy their client’s tummies (and by proxy, their souls) with whole, nutritious, healthy food.

Lima-Peruvian Food (San Francisco, CA)


What they do: Lima-Peruvian caters authentic, toothsome Peruvian street food to hungry tech companies and startups all over the San Francisco Bay Area. Will you just look at that photo! It’s a base of whipped potatoes, topped with sautéed veggies and seasoned with magical Peruvian spices. Oh, and it’s pretty darn healthy.

What we love: The awesome wife-and-husband owners, Chio and Chris, who are some of the hardest-working, sweetest people we know. Lima-Peruvian originally began as a food truck doing local events like Off The Grid, then transitioned into catering after Facebook came calling. “It was so exciting,” says Chris. “No one else was doing Peruvian food for catering at the time; we definitely saw an opportunity there!”

Find them here: Facebook and Twitter. If you’ve been lucky enough to experience their catering, send them e-hugs! We know they’ll appreciate it.

Bite Me Kitchen (Orange County, CA)


What they do: Bite Me Kitchen is a packaged meal service that delivers their plant-based, vegan wares all over Southern California. Everything’s made entirely from scratch and what’s more, it’s all under 500 calories. Boom.

What we love: The owners, Adam and Rose, are another husband and wife duo! On top of that, they’re triathletes. We’re big fans of their philosophy: “We think healthy food should be for everyone, so we modeled our business that way. No high price tag, no minimum order, no subscription, and no tricky price schedules!”

Find them here: BiteMeKitchen.com, in addition to Facebook, Twitter and a succulent Instagram feed.

Mission Heirloom (Berkeley, CA)

What they do: Heirloom is a new approach to food and daily nourishment. At our garden market cafe we take people on culinary adventures, offering tried and true dishes re-imagined with optimum ingredients, evolved standards, and satisfying tastes.”

What we love: They have high standards — and stand by them. This means “NO processed refine oils, sugars, gluten, grain, legumes, NO cooking with plastic, aluminum, technique that introduce toxins, umami, and NO using ingredients that sound like chemicals.” They also use only organic and non-GMO foods. We feel invigorated just thinking about it.

Find them here: MissionHeirloom.com, as well as Facebook, Twitter and their mouthwatering Instagram feed.

P.S. Thanks for the love you sent us via email!

Margot Leong Margot Leong, a contributing author on Gusto, provides actionable tips and expert advice on HR and payroll for successful business management.
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