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At Gusto, design isn’t just about making pretty things. It’s not just about symmetry, balance, and finding the perfect color palettes. To us, design is about the relationships that spark when people have an experience that makes them smile.

We recently partnered with the Designer Fund’s Bridge program to connect us with people who believe in those things as well. Bridge matches experienced designers with mission-oriented startups in the Bay Area. We’re looking for designers who love cracking tough problems. We’re looking for designers who get inspired from seeing business owners make their dreams come true. We’re looking for you.

But first, here’s a little more about us. The Gusto design team is made up of a group of incredible individuals bound by one common thread: a sheer love of people. The team is close, collaborative, and motivated by the fact that the projects we work on every day are improving the lives of small business owners across the country. When we work together, we not only create better products — we are better.

On a typical day, a designer may be working on a feature that helps employees feel more appreciated, and another day, they may be simplifying a complex employer tax process. Each designer who joins the team knows how to code, because we believe that everyone should have a deep knowledge of the medium they’re creating for. It’s also important for us to spend time together outside of work, either through group lunches or trips to wineries and art studios. Our mission is to help employees and employers come together, so we also make time to come together.

Gusto designers are driven by both our company belief system and the ones that define our mission as a team. These values aren’t just words on walls and websites. These are values we live each day.

If our design philosophy speaks to you, we’d love to keep talking. Apply to Bridge by September 27th or before the final deadline on October 20th.

We can’t wait to hear from you.

— Davey + the Gusto design team

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