At Gusto, RISE stands for Representation, Inclusion, Social Impact, and Equity. Our commitment to RISE is a holistic mission to ensure that no matter where you’re from, how you look, or how you live, you feel empowered and accepted at Gusto. We’ve built a people platform that exists to create a world where work empowers a better life. We have more than 300,000 customers nationwide—in every state, with global teams, in countless industries, with varied backgrounds and experiences. It’s crucial that our workforce of 2,500 reflects that—so we can drive meaningful impact for those we serve. 

The RISE report is our annual opportunity to share our experiences and lessons learned. It’s not just a progress report—it’s a promise to do better. This work is never done—there’s no arrival or destination point. The work is ongoing and that’s what drives us—to keep going, keep evolving, no matter the circumstances that arise. 

RISE in FY23

FY23 provided a host of unknowns—not just for Gusto but for all companies—including shifting macroeconomic conditions and adjusting to post-pandemic work life. Those unknowns and how we responded helped shape the blueprint that informed how we approach our RISE journey as a company. Over the past 12 months, we’ve shifted business priorities, including the pace of hiring and restructuring our operational framework to optimize engagement. And that, in turn, crystallized the central theme of FY23: intentionality—refocusing on our people and adjusting our systems and processes to ensure our intent aligns with impact. 

As our FY23 RISE report shows, Gusto overall is nearly 60% women, with women accounting for 35% of technical roles. Black+ representation increased by 3.8% year over year (YoY). However, there are also areas of opportunities for us as we saw a decrease of 5.6% in Latinx+ representation YoY, a need for increased representation for women of color, and changes in our Senior Leadership composition. 

Gusto’s commitment to strategic, scalable, and systemic changes is unwavering. When we prioritize community and connection among our employees, empowering them to do their greatest work, investing in our affinity groups, and focusing on the through line of employee experience, we know that will continue to drive our growth at Gusto for years to come.

Our motivation for sharing this report is not only to share our progress—it’s to create continuous transparency and, most importantly, accountability. Our RISE effort is a shared accountability. And it’s our hope that the broader community can find value in our journey. 
View Gusto’s 2023 RISE Report here.

Emil Yeargin

Head of People

Emil Yeargin Emil Yeargin leads the People Team at Gusto.
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