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Introducing People Advisory Certification

Jaclyn Anku Partner Education, Gusto  

Small business owners’ need for advice on taking care of their people, and managing their teams has existed from time immemorial. Because let’s face it: People are complicated. Not one of us is actually able to leave our personal baggage at the door. And now there literally isn’t a door to step in to with many people working from home. The boundaries between work and life are blurred and complex, and yes—messy. 

What is a small business owner to do? And who are they to turn to? What if they turn to… you? 

Two things might happen: 

  1. Panic sets in and a fight-or-flight response ensues 
  2. You give great advice based on years of experience working with small business owners and an inherent knowledge of people operations best practice. But! You aren’t able to monetize this advice and give away value for free. 

Both responses make sense. Until now, there hasn’t been any training designed for accountants to build expertise on people operations and learn how to use payroll, benefits, and HR as inroads to advisory work. Nor has there been a framework on which to hang your hat and charge for people-related advice.  

Introducing People Advisory Certification 

We believe that with the right education, you can learn to combine your financial insight with knowledge of people operations best practice so you can help clients achieve real business results through empowering their people. This is why we’ve designed our People Advisory Certification exclusively for you—Gusto partners. 

What you’ll learn 

By becoming People Advisor Certified, you’ll build expertise on payroll, benefits, and HR so that you’ll feel confident that your clients and their employees are taken care of. The program teaches need-to-know compliance fundamentals that establish your knowledge in people operations. It also gives a behind-the-scenes look at how Gusto’s integrated people platform helps keep clients compliant. 

You’ll also become an expert on Gusto’s people platform. You and your team can help clients discover features that will save them time and also strengthen their relationship with employees. Product training is brought to life through hands-on-exercises, videos, and interactive experiences that cater to all types of learning. 

Most importantly—you’ll learn to analyze the “people story” that the numbers tell, so you can lead discovery about teams, and provide practical tools and resources to help clients manage the employee journey. As a certified people advisor, you’ll have the confidence, knowledge, and skillset to guide clients on creating a great place to work where employees stay for the long-term. And by putting people at the heart of your advice, you’ll positively impact not only your client, but also their employees, and the families that they support. 

How to become People Advisor Certified 

People Advisory Certification is a four-hour e-learning course that can be taken at your own convenience and pace. You can access it through clicking on the newly minted ‘Gusto Learn’ tile found on your Gusto Pro dashboard.  

Certification consists of three chapters on payroll, benefits, and HR. To pass a chapter, you must complete a short 10-question quiz before moving on to the next topic. For partners who are already payroll, benefits, and HR pros, we’ve designed a People Advisory Fast Track with you in mind. By passing the assessment, you can fast track your way to people advisor certified status and benefit from the program’s many rewards.

Certification rewards 

Once you’re done with the course, you can share your accomplishment with the world through using your People Advisor Certified badge. This is the first-ever badge of its kind; no other payroll or HR provider has a certification that helps partners stand apart from the crowd. You can showcase your skills to prospective clients on your website and your email signature to communicate your expertise with current clients.

People advisory journey  

Certification supports your work as a practitioner and teaches the frameworks, concepts, and knowledge you’ll need to help clients. We are also equally committed to helping you grow your firm by capturing the value of people advisory through new and recurring revenue streams. Next up on your journey is the People Advisory Playbook, written by Gusto’s head of Partner Community, Will Lopez. In it, Will details how you can implement, develop, and grow people advisory services at your firm. The Playbook is available in our People Advisory Hub, which is also home to a wealth of resources and tools. 

What’s next 

Starting on Monday, December 7th 2020 Gusto will provide 4.0 CPE credits – in collaboration with – to partners who complete People Advisory Certification.  We are honored to expand Gusto’s role in the accounting profession by helping more firms and their clients through people advisory.  

There’s also lots more to come on Gusto Learn. Certification is just the start. Over the coming months, we’ll provide continuing education for people advisors in the form of webinars, toolkits, and group training. As new programs are added, we’ll keep you in the loop via email so keep your eye on your inbox.  

People Advisory Certification is about more than product training and learning the ins-and-outs of Gusto. It’s about learning how to put people at the heart of your analysis and advice. As a Certified People Advisor, you can help clients start businesses, grow those businesses, and stay in compliance with minimal hassle. From there, you can show them how to create work environments where people thrive. As your partner, Gusto provides the education, technology, and support so that you can help clients find efficiencies throughout the employee lifecycle, and build a great place to work.

Updated: November 30, 2020


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