A high five. A heartfelt thank-you note. A quick acknowledgement at an all-hands meeting. These ordinary things can bring out the extraordinary in people. When you take a moment to recognize someone’s work, it helps them feel proud of the work they do. Ideas like these are just one part of a more holistic relationship that can exist between employees and employers. Gratitude enhances the excitement and connections people have when they come to work each day. At Gusto, that attitude of gratitude is a central part of who we are. And it’s what inspires us to build products that help our customers bring that same spirit to their teams.

In honor of Employee Appreciation Day, we’re taking some time to celebrate — both your team and ours. To commemorate the day, we’re leaving the office early to surprise some of our local San Francisco and Denver small businesses. We’ll be live-tweeting throughout the day, and we’d love to hear what you’re doing as well.

You can join the fun on Twitter by following @GustoHQ and using the #EmployeeAppreciationDay and #WithGusto hashtags. If you’re looking for more ways to spread the spirit of appreciation, take a look at my recent Inc. article.

I am deeply grateful for the privilege to serve you. It’s been an incredible honor to get to know many of you and hear your stories. And today, I’m excited to meet even more of you in person.

– Josh

Joshua Reeves Josh is the CEO and co-founder of Gusto, a startup that’s reimagining HR, payroll, and benefits for modern companies. Josh believes in the power of software to solve complex problems. Follow Josh on LinkedIn and Twitter.
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