November 2, 2022

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Are your payroll taxes increasing in 2022? 

FUTA—which stands for Federal Unemployment Tax Act—refers to the unemployment taxes employers have to pay as part of payroll taxes. For the 2022 tax year, FUTA taxes in certain states might be increasing. 

That’s because many states borrowed money from the federal government to keep up with the high number of unemployment claims that cropped up since the start of the pandemic—but haven’t paid the government back. In these “credit reduction states,” the federal government plans to lower the FUTA tax credit for employers by 0.3% the first year and another 0.3% every year after until the loan is repaid. Unfortunately, that means employers will end up paying a higher FUTA tax rate. 

To find out if your business is in a credit reduction state and learn how to calculate the change to your employment taxes, check out our full article

Election Day: Are you required to give employees time off?

Midterm elections are Tuesday, November 8, 2022. As an employer, it’s important to consider how you can support your employees on voting day. Currently, there are no federal laws that require you to give your workers time off to vote, but many states have specific voting laws. 

In Wisconsin, for example, employers are required to give employees up to three consecutive hours off to vote, though they don’t have to pay employees for this time. Meanwhile, California employers are required to give employees up to two paid hours off if they can’t make it to a polling place outside of work hours.

It’s a good idea to check that you’re adhering to your state’s laws this election day, but it’s even more crucial to ensure you’re supporting each employee’s right to vote how and when it makes sense for them. That might mean notifying your employees about your state’s stipulations so they’re prepared, granting all employees a paid day off on election day, or being flexible with shift times. At the very least, it means not penalizing an employee for taking time off work to vote. 

Keep reading the full article to check your state’s voting day laws

November compliance dates for your business 

November is a hectic month for businesses that want to capitalize on holiday spending, but it’s also an important time for HR, benefits, payroll, and tax compliance deadlines. Finish the year on a high note—and avoid incurring pricey penalties—by keeping your business compliant. 

In our latest calendar update, we’re breaking down all the key November dates you need to know. See the full guide here. If you want to double-check your records, here are the monthly tax deadline and compliance calendars for the full 2022 year. 

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