You’re constantly balancing a heighty stack of hats at work, and people rely on you to do everything under the sun (may as well throw the kitchen sink in there, too). It’s wild, crazy, and you wouldn’t have it any other way.

What can your working style tell you about how you get things done and what you care about? Start by finding out what your business card title should actually say. No, not the one in your wallet, but the one that truly describes who you are in the office.

Read on to learn about your type along with the best resources for the way you roll.

The Culture Keeper

The office would be pretty blah without you. You’re the 24/7 cheerleader, always exuding positive energy and good vibes. It’s up to you to remind your team of what really matters—birthday parties, pizza nights, and 100% participation on Bring Your Dog to Work Day. Oh yeah, and maybe getting a little work done, too.

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The Office Boss

When you’re around, people do as they’re told. Sure, maybe they’re a little intimidated or your intensity flat-out freaks them out, but things sure get done when you’re in charge (which is always). Your confidence levels? Off the charts.

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The Talent Agent

Staying on script is not your MO. You have a knack for recognizing where others sparkle, using your impeccable talent-spotting skills to bring out their brilliance. Ninety-nine percent of the awesomeness at work is a result of your mad directing skills. So much star power.

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The Cat Herder

The real reason your team has nine lives? It’s all because of you. Even with everyone dashing off in different directions, you smooth over hairy situations and accommodate finicky team members with grace. We aren’t kitten around when we say you have a way with cats, er, people.

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The File Fighter

The chief of calm and cool, you put out fires like it’s nobody’s business. Someone’s paycheck got stuck in a tree? Health benefits fell down a well? You’re on it! Responsible, reliable, and fueled by gallons of courage (and coffee), you hose down problems without ever breaking a sweat.

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The Staple Hoarder

If someone tiptoes into your space, you might just implode. Keeping it together is not your strong suit, but people respect you for your honesty, humor, and ability to take work as it comes. It’s okay, you have all those office supplies stashed under your desk—you’ll find a way to staple things back together again.

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