Crash Course Guide: Avoiding Common Payroll Mistakes

Gusto Editors

Worried about making a payroll mistake?

Running your business is a lot of work. The last thing you want to worry about is a costly mistake from an accounting or payroll related misstep.

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In this guide, you’ll learn:

  • How do you maximize your tax deduction and minimize tax exposure?
  • How frequently should you pay and file taxes to avoid tax penalties?
  • How do you manage receivables to get cash back into your business?
  • Is accrual or cash accounting best for your business?
  • How do you avoid misclassifying employees and contractors?
  • What payroll and accounting reports do you need to keep on file?

You should read this guide if you are:

  • A small business owner who is running payroll and accounting in-house
  • A HR admin working with payroll for the first time
  • A startup founder who is concerned about payroll fines
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