What do millennial business owners actually care about?

There have been plenty of recent studies exploring how millennials feel about work compared to other generations — where they want to work, what motivates them, and what they expect from their employers. But what about millennials who are starting small businesses? What will happen when millennials run the workplace?

In this report, Gusto surveyed a subset of our 40,000 small business customers to investigate how millennial business owners are different from previous generations.

We found that both groups care about creating a great place to work, with nearly all business owners — millennial (99%) and non-millennial (98%) — agreeing that it is one of their most important responsibilities.

But just talking about culture isn’t enough. How are small businesses actually tackling culture?

Future of work report
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In this report, you’ll learn:

  • Why millennial business owners are embracing a “community mindset” when it comes to building company culture
  • Best practices from small business owners about how to create great places to work
  • Which HR responsibilities business owners believe are the most valuable to their companies
  • How business owners feel about automation in the workplace
Krystal Barghelame Krystal was an integrated marketing specialist at Gusto. She was also a former writer on the Gusto content team and loves terrible pens. Er... puns.
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