Without fail, the most-asked questions in Talk Shop, our Facebook group for small business owners, are always:

  • What do you use for __?
  • Can you recommend a good tool for __?
  • Anyone here use an __ they like?

Threads 40 comments deep suddenly appear out of nowhere. Our team quickly realized two things:

  1. People love dishing about the products they’re obsessed with—or totally despise.
  2. No-BS recommendations are essential for entrepreneurs who need to know the best tools for running their businesses. Otherwise, folks waste valuable time signing up only to find out a product isn’t right for their small company needs.

But here’s the catch: People don’t want reviews—they need recommendations from people just like them. So we decided to give our community exactly what they want.

The Top Tech Tools series

We surveyed over 250 small business owners around the country who employ between one and 100 employees. In the survey, we asked respondents to tell us which apps, software, and other essential business tools they use day in and day out—and would recommend to other entrepreneurs.

Then, we interviewed six business owners from different industries to get a more in-depth look at what these tools are like in action and how they work at tiny companies.

The result? Our Top Tech Tools series for small business owners—honest product reviews from real entrepreneurs like you.

Some product picks were obvious, (*cough* Salesforce *cough*), and others might surprise you. (Anyone else in love with Monday?) Check out more of the crowd faves in the table of contents above. 

We hope this series is useful, saves you time, and helps you find the products and services you’ll want to rave about too.

Want recommendations for a tool we didn’t cover? Or disagree with any of the winners? Email [email protected] and share your thoughts. Or head over to Talk Shop to see what our community of small business owners has to say.

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Kira Deutch Kira Deutch is a former Gusto editor. She has a background in publishing and content marketing for startups.
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