7 AI Sales Tools for Small and Medium Businesses

Paige Smith

A smart sales strategy is critical to your bottom line, but it can be hard to establish and maintain an effective sales pipeline. Fortunately, there are plenty of AI tools you can use to find your sales sweet spot. 

How to use AI tools in sales

Whether you’re struggling with sales or just curious about how to maximize your revenue opportunities, AI sales software can help. Not only can AI sales tools streamline your sales workflow and help you connect with more leads in less time, AI-powered tools can also help you improve your communication and refine your selling approach.  

Many sales engagement platforms have built-in AI functionality for things like automation and data insights, while other sales solutions use machine learning and natural language processing to predict trends and give outreach suggestions. 

Here are some common ways to use AI in sales:

  • To scrape and auto-capture lead data
  • To generate a prospect list and identify the most promising options
  • To automate outreach sequencing
  • To draft, personalize, and refine outreach emails 
  • To figure out when to send emails for optimal engagement
  • To automate follow-up messages
  • To score leads and identify priority contacts
  • To schedule meetings or appointments 
  • To generate call scripts
  • To transcribe and summarize sales calls
  • To track outreach and call performances
  • To forecast sales 

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7 helpful AI tools for sales

Here are seven excellent options to choose from: 

1. Dialpad AI Sales Center

Dialpad is a leading customer intelligence platform that uses AI functionality to drive sales and improve customer loyalty. The Dialpad AI Sales Center has a range of AI features designed to help you close deals quicker. Think: automated AI playbooks to train new salespeople, AI recaps for sales meetings, instant answers for reps with AI Agent Assist, and customizable recommendations. 

Dialpad’s sales center also uses AI to analyze customer sentiment and satisfaction on sales calls, and identify sales coaching opportunities.  

Cost: The AI Sales plan is $95 a month per user. 

Dialpad AI Sales Center is a good option if: You want a platform that combines sales intelligence with customer support. 

2. InsideSales

InsideSales is an AI-driven sales engagement platform that frees you up to do more meaningful sales work. InsideSales’s Playbooks platform uses AI to automate data entry and lead scoring, prioritize leads, and determine the best time and method to reach out based on a prospect’s past interactions with your company. 

The platform also shares real-time insights on your sales performance, as well as buyer intelligence insights based on buyer behaviors and historical customer interactions. 

Cost: Contact InsideSales for pricing

InsideSales is a good option if: You want a comprehensive sales engagement platform that integrates with Salesforce and Microsoft. 

3. Zia

Developed by Zoho CRM, Zia is an AI-powered conversational sales assistant that can help with a wide range of sales-related tasks and initiatives. In addition to answering questions and providing you with resources, data, and charts in just a click, Zia can also predict the win probability of all your ongoing deals. 

You can use Zia to automate manual lead entry, score leads, build tailored nurture sequences, draft messages, forecast sales, streamline the sales workflow, and get real-time insights and actionable suggestions for following up with leads. 

Cost: The Enterprise plan is $40 a month per user. 

Zia is a good option if: You want AI-powered sales insights and support that connect with your customer relationship management tools. 

4. Avoma

Avoma is an AI meeting assistant and conversation intelligence solution that supports sales meetings. Avoma automatically records, transcribes, and analyzes sales conversations, so you can figure out what’s working and what you can improve upon. 

The platform’s AI reviews call transcripts to identify different topics and speakers, share insights on talk time and recurring mentions, and generate recaps of the calls. Plus, Avoma integrates with a ton of different tools, including calendar, conferencing, and CRM solutions. 

Cost: The Business Plan is $79 a month per user. 

Avoma is a good option if: You conduct a lot of sales calls with prospective customers or clients, and want more insights into how they’re working. 

5. Lavender

Lavender is an email intelligence solution with a built-in AI-powered email coach. Lavender integrates with your email platforms and gives you insights into your sales emails, identifying patterns and explaining what’s effective and what’s not—so you can double your replies.  

Lavender’s email coach grades your messages for clarity and relevance, then uses generative AI to suggest different phrasing or structuring. You’ll also get contact information directly in your inbox so you can personalize your sales emails, along with data-backed email insights. 

Cost: The Individual Pro plan is $49 a month. 

Lavender is a good option if: You’re not getting enough responses to your sales emails, and want some practical tips and insights. 

6. Regie.ai

Regie.ai is an AI-powered sales tool that uses generative AI to simplify the prospecting process. Regie’s AI Agent-Based Prospecting solution analyzes your CRM and sales data, identifies promising prospects, creates tailored messages for them, and suggests when to contact them for the best chance at engagement. 

You can use Regie.ai to identify cold lead prospects, automatically schedule lead follow-ups, draft LinkedIn messages for target buyers, and create personalized nurture sequences. 

Cost: The AI Agent is $50k per use case. 

Regie.ai is a good option if: You want one all-inclusive solution for managing all your sales outreach and prospecting, and have the budget to customize it.  

7. Reply

Reply is an AI-powered sales engagement platform that automates and uplevels every aspect of the sales cycle. With Reply, you get a massive database to help you build your perfect prospect list, along with AI-backed multichannel sequences to engage your leads. 

You can also take advantage of Reply’s automated email analysis and outreach insights, tap into the AI assistant for drafting emails, and use the scheduler tool to book meetings faster.

Cost: The Starter Plan is $49 a month per user; the Professional Plan is $89 a month per user. 

Reply is a good option if: You want practical help with inbound and outbound sales. 

How to decide which AI tool is right for you. 

Challenges of AI sales software

Here are some challenges to be aware of when you’re using AI sales tools: 

  • Off-putting emails: AI email coaches and conversation assistants can help you cut out the fluff in your messages and incorporate key selling points, but they’re no replacement for your unique voice. If you rely solely on generative AI to draft and send your outreach emails, you risk coming across as robotic or fake. That’s why it’s better to use AI email coaches to help structure your emails and double-check your work, not copy and paste from scratch. 
  • Irrelevant prospecting: AI sales software can help you find and contact 10 times the prospects you could on your own—but that doesn’t mean they’ll always be the right prospects. You’ll have to play around with the particular settings and filters on your software of choice to make sure you’re compiling a list of relevant, viable customers. 
  • Few integrations: Some AI sales solutions don’t offer integrations with all your existing tools, which means you won’t have all your data and resources in one place. If integrations are important to you, prioritize a sales software that includes the ones you need. 

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