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Kevin Fritz

Kevin Fritz is Employment Counsel for Gusto. He is responsible for advising internal teams on Gusto’s employment practices and policies, addresses internal stakeholders on employment law questions, works closely with Gusto’s product and compliance teams to envision and develop the HR technology of the future, and partners with Gusto’s marketing teams to develop content for small business customers looking for guidance on employment law questions. A graduate of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and Washington University School of Law, early on, Kevin was inspired by the possibility to defuse employment disputes and to promote opportunities for all. After law school Kevin worked as an employment defense litigator for the prestigious law firm Seyfarth Shaw. For 10 years, Kevin defended Fortune companies against lawsuits, employee disputes, and partnered with his clients to promote equitable and accessible workplaces for all people. Kevin’s accomplishments are amplified by the fact that he has the use of only one finger. Kevin was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy as a child and has used a power wheelchair all his life. His physical body is weak, but his mind is strong. Though unable to physically care for himself in any way, Kevin leads an incredibly rich life, orchestrating every aspect of his independence. He attributes his capabilities to his tenacity, bravery, and strong relationships with others – all qualities he transfers to his position at Gusto and his practice as an employment attorney.

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