On the Margins Live: Upcoming and Previous Episodes

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On the Margins Live is a bi-weekly online show for accountants, hosted by Gusto’s Caleb Newquist and Will Lopez. If you only watch one online show about the accounting world, this should be it. (Okay, there may not be any other streaming show for accountants, but you could do worse than two of the most influential personalities in the profession.)

Each week Caleb and Will discuss the trends that are moving the accounting profession forward, along with guests who will inform, inspire, and entertain. Don’t miss the best thing to happen to accounting since the abacus. Tune into On the Margins Live every other Tuesday on Gusto’s YouTube channel.

Upcoming episode

Our next episode is coming up on Tuesday, May 11 at 9:45am PT | 12:45pm ET, featuring special guest Amber Setter. Set a reminder to watch live on YouTube.

Previous episodes

Episode 11, April 27, 2021:

Watch episode 11, featuring special guest Greg Kyte, founder of Comedy CPE, to discuss fraud and ethics in accounting and more.

Episode 10, April 13, 2021:

Watch episode 10, featuring special guest Jody Padar, vice president of strategy at Botkeeper.com, discussing what it takes to be a small business owner.

Episode 9, March 30, 2021:

Watch episode 9, where we cover the IRS’s May 17 tax deadline extension and secrets from the top 100 accounting firms.

Episode 8, March 2, 2021:

Watch episode 8, featuring special guest and economist, Luke Pardue, who breaks down Gusto’s report on what’s holding back small businesses from taking advantage of PPP 2.0.

Episode 7, February 16, 2021:

Watch episode 7, featuring special guest Stephanie Holt, Consulting Guru at Cloud Accounting & Consulting, Inc.

Episode 6, February 2, 2021:

Watch episode 6, featuring special guest Matt Skinner, CPA and Advisory Services Manager at Beaird Harris.

Episode 5, January 19, 2021:

Watch episode 5, featuring special guest Jen Brazer, founder and CEO of Complete Controller. Check out Jen’s new book, ‘From Cubicle to Cloud: How to Start and Scale a Virtual Professional Service Business’, released on January 26.

Episode 4, December 8, 2020:

Watch episode 4, featuring special guests Jaclyn Anku, partner education lead at Gusto, and Scott Zarret, President of CPA Academy, who share an exciting announcement about Gusto’s People Advisory Certification program.

Episode 3, November 24, 2020:

Watch episode 3, featuring special guests Leah Brite, product marketing lead at Gusto, and Patti Doyle, CEO of Rumi Spice.

Episode 2, November 10, 2020:

Watch episode 2, featuring special guest Kate Johnson of Bookkeeping Side Hustle.

Episode 1, October 27, 2020:

Watch our Season 2 premiere, featuring special guest Justine Lackey of Good Cents Bookkeeping.

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